AMD RYZEN 5 – Explained! (1600X, 1600, 1500X & 1400!)

Today we get a glimpse of the new AMD RYZEN 5 processors (1600X, 1600, 1500X & 1400!). The performance of these upcoming 4-core/8-thread and 6-core/12-thread CPUs should be really interesting for their price range!

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Depresed Tom8o says:

I saw your martenitsa.. are bulgarian?

DeadlyVenomKing says:

im not rushing to get this. waiting at least 6 months after the release date.

Mihkel Laansoo says:

i3s and i5s… 1600x beats i7 6800k in every given task.

A. B. says:

No comment! Will not be all that n a bag of cheese like people hope it will be. Same design of the 7 series concept. We all know how well that turned out for the extreme gamer out there! If you want the best gaming experience Intel is way to go although pricey as hell they are. ugh hear my pocket book scream

Timi Style says:

whats the case you are using on the pc in the background at the beginning of the video?

Julien Lauzon says:

so is gonna be 20-30% faster then the i7 6700k? in gaming…

if not, what the point AMD is 4 years late or what??

Sanu Saha says:

i m having fm2+ socket which processor should I buy please help me

Balla The Feared says:

Why pay more for the six core that will be slower than the i5 in gaming?

I thought the 7 series was good, it really shook things up but the 5 series it looks really underwhelming due to pricing.

John Taran says:

Is he russian?

Jerzyslugga says:

Are they goin to sell the wraith rgb coolers separately

yousef elsayad says:

please anybody what do you need to buy else than the cpu

Nikolay Mihaylov says:

why you have martenitsa on you hand? 🙂

Crazy Tubex says:

Been rocking Athlon x4 750K runing at 4.5ghz from ’12 , recently got my self rx 460 4gb and ssd also . I dont know either to go for ryzen 5 or ryzen 3 .

dev4freedom says:

Privet Dmitry !

AllAboutApps says:

why you making stupid 77c issues on ryzen? please do your research for christ sake. and stop mimicking videos of linus because you are not linus you piece of crap!

Captain_ but says:

just guess, if you oc 1600x could it beat 1700 or maybe 1700x?

eusebio bilyarin says:

nc thank you.

Bljuzga says:

reassons why i dont watch your videos: cringe face, bad channel name, accent

Hans get zhe flammenwerfer says:

man all this master race shit to keep up with these days…

Arek R. says:

So basically RYZEN 5 is made out of RYZEN 7 with some damaged(and then disabled) cores?

LuckiestLuck says:

will there be a 1500

Connor O says:

which would you pair with the 1060

silenteagle says:

how will 1500x compare to i5 7600k?

Star of Eden says:

wat you guys all worry about seems from amd a quad channel new 16core 32 thread cpu is coming in the next few months with more pcie lanes all to the desktop and is a derivant from the server version….running at 2,8 so far and will blow all other cpus out the water

Akoni Lee says:

Saw a BitWit vid with Kyle showing off performance of that cooler (with RGB being a 7 series chip) and performance wise, it was pretty damn impressive for an included cooler. The 1600 with the stock cooler is a pretty good value imo.

Alberto Delacruz says:

So would intel’s xeon processors beat these?

Joshbert & Friends says:

Well the 1600X is pretty interesting for me. Still, I’m not 100 % sure if this will fit my needs because i want good gaming performance for my 144 Hz monitor, but still be able to stream without any major frame drops. I’ll wait till 10th may and then I decide. Maybe Intel will have something to counter in that time.

yumri4 says:

my prediction is that laptops will stil use Intel as lower power consumption and the hardware bug inside of the CPU when going between CCX units will be there on the 6 core unit at least for the 4 core unit as it might only have 1 CCX having 1 will get rid of the latency between having 2 to go between when doing work that goes onto a core physical or logical on the other CCX unit
for desktops the budget and general use computers will still use AMD CPUs while gaming not on a budget, workstations and servers will see that little jump from 14ns to 80ns when going between CCX units latency and stay away as it is good when you have all the data already but not so good when you need to go back and forth with the CCX thing on this generation i expect it to get better next gen
the latency doesn’t really matter unless you are working with huge data sets of not repeating data inside of the same few seconds

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