AMD Ryzen 5 1600X, 1600, 1500X, and 1400 Review – Bad news for Intel!

AMD is looking to follow up Ryzen 7 with an equally compelling launch for Ryzen 5, so how do the new chips stack up?

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Ange Rivera says:

Is The 1500x + gtx 1060 3gb sc enough for a beginning gaming YouTube channel?

yuvi deval says:

What about 720p and 900p

D- mist says:

time to upgrade my Core i5 2400 from 2012 i guess

Not AerosHyper! says:

Ill buy R5 1500x

yanu says:

guys should i go for ryzen 1400 or i5 7400? they have the same price? im gonna pair them with gtx 1050ti

nikos greek says:

hey what should i buy gtx 1050ti oc 4gb with i7 7700(not k) or RX 560 pulse 4gb wirth ryzen 5 1600 spire

Ryan Kagami says:

why is 1440p performing better with more frames???

Achintya Upadhyay says:

hey, guys, I’m thinking of buying a Ryzen 5 1400. is there any other CPU which might be a better choice at or close to the same price??? I’m a complete noob so help.

its jjack says:

what if you had a shit gpu and a good cpu can you still get goof results

Paul F says:

What..why do they run better on 1440p than 1080p?

Shaikh Ahmed says:

Hi, what do you think with this Ryzen 1600 will it last for 3 to 4 years??? in games

Acr Gunning says:

Where did you get the shirt?

mrk107 says:

You have Tech Tips in the name and the background is orange…Do you work for Linus?

Ric Flair says:

I understand AMD Ryzen 5 1600 comes with a “wraith cooler” , is it possible add an additional fan with this fan in the CPU or casing for extra cooling? say use this

I am a noob trying to build a gaming PC

Amiga Wolf says:

Please use someone els to do reviews, this guy is just awful.

Tausif Patel says:

like the thash

Mayo#87 says:

The difference in price between 1400 and 1500X is not so important. Considering the 1080p tests do you recommend 1500X model? And what about photo and video editing?

Zuhayr says:

OK, so if I went with a ryzen 5 1600, nvidia gtx 1060 3gb, ballistix sport lt 16gb ram, asus a320 m-k mobo, wd 1tb hdd,120 gb ssd, 450w psu, would that 1. be compatible, 2 be a good quality build for mainly e-sports games, with a bit of COD, and bf1? pls reply

TreeMobile. says:

Guys, in a few years, CPUs won’t be faster so the core count will matter, I think Ryzen is future proof

Akshay Pawar says:

Intel back soon

codgamefreak602 says:

What gpu was used?

Um No says:

all of the numbers are based on a watercooled system with $4000 hardware attached on some sub $250 chips?
would have been nice to see numbers based on a unit with a stock cooler/evo 212, gtx 1060/rx580, and parts which people whom are considering these might actually have… that video card alone is $1500…

Obie327 says:

Ryzen 5 1600X (just built my first new rig in couple years) Wonderful performance per dollar! (After I built my new Ryzen … My friend built exact same system as me) We love the performance and value (got cpu’s, & motherboards on sale) Of course both of us were building up from humble beginnings. (A10 7860k for me, i3 4150 for him) I’m glad I didn’t get on the Intel “Hype Train” Intel X299 sucked.

Samir says:

Perfect what i search for.

Cole Stinson says:

Although the Ryzen 5 1400 is the “worst” out of the 4 Ryzen 5s, is it still worth picking up for a gaming pc?

Mandalore The Proud says:

Why does everyone decide that testing a Ryzen 5 with a GTX 1080 (or other high performance/high cost Graphics card) is a good idea?

Ryker says:

1500x and 1600 are the only cpus I would recommend unless you are on a budget. 1600x is a bit irrelevant

Genuine Peach says:

I’m not a particular fanboy of Intel or AMD. I’m disloyal and I go to the one with the highest specs for the cheapest price.
So Intel can suck it in this case. Getting my Ryzen 5 1600 in a week.

Akif Ahsan says:

I DON’T want to overclock. So, what should I buy: 1600 or 1600x ??
My purpose is to play and record games (at 1080p) at high graphic settings (not necessarily “ultra”). I’ve already bought RX480 8 GB GPU and 16 GB DDR4 RAM (2400 MHz). Please advise. Thank you.

shed says:

gtx 1060 3gb 1600 or gtx 1060 6gb 1500x?

yuvi deval says:

Intel is worst cpu builder until it reduces its cost

ViNaYaK BiJu says:

you got yourself the most precious subscriber ever to your channel.  ME . tadaa 
*also a thumps up given for free . (was a special offer )

Sam FS says:

I’m get low 500 scores in cinebench with my 1400 help!


Funny I remember when Ryzen was super unclockable ????LOL

markcer2 says:

im gonna upgrade from i5 2500 to ryzen 5 1400

Lee Thomas says:

Titan x and 1080ti tests both prove the future of gpus and gaming belong to Intel with 20% better performance over Ryzen 7 so looking forward to continued gaming on Intel chips with new gpu lineup in Q4.

Bicepcurl says:

Ryzen 5 1400 or 1500X, please help

판사님 저는오늘만 삽니다 says:

shut up intel fans

ashwath selvam says:

is ryzen 5 1600x is a ×64 bit architecture

Ben R. says:

Ryzen performs wayyyyy better now with the latest bios. My MSI x370 board with a 1700 and 3200mhz ram is now on par with a 4790k in single core performance at 4.0ghz. Not bad for 299$ compared to a 340$ chip. I look at it as having two 4790k cpus in one with 970 SLI it’s a beast for sure.

We've Everything says:

can you gift me your motherboard?

kahwu says:

The first pc im building is gtx 1050 ti and ryzen 5 but cant decide which, 1400 or 1500x..

Uriel Garcia says:

R5 1400 + 1060 or R5 1600 + 1050ti? For gaming and 3D Modeling

Sean Sheckles says:

Why don’t you test the 1400 with graphics card people can actually afford none of you you tubers do it



David Guo says:

why dose 1600x come cooler less? does that mean you need to buy your own?

Hirendra Prakash says:

Are ryzen 5 cpus can be use without external gpu….

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