AMD Ryzen 5 1600 & 1400 Review | True Value CPUs

These new AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and Ryzen 5 1400 CPUs are pretty amazing. Great value, 6 core and 4 core chips that are unlocked and ready for overclocking. In this video, I test them both!
1600 OCUK:
1400 OCUK:
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Lelouch Vi Britannia says:

but this or the i3 7350k?

jk obv ryzen

hmoham says:

The 1600 seems like a no brainer, it’s around the £195 mark at the moment, making it only £35 more expensive than the 1400, and for that you get a better cooler, 2 more cores (4 Threads), double the cache, and higher base clocks.

Even if you don’t need the extra cores just yet, it’s hard to recommend the 1400 over the 1600 as it will likely come in handy in a year or two when Developers start to utilise the extra cores more and more.

Luredreier says:

Apparently it’s 2+2 with half the cache on each disabled…

ge8406 says:

please review the B350 Plus!I’ll be looking forward to it!

SkymasterPT Gaming says:

Nice layout!! 🙂 congrats on the new graphics they look smooth 🙂 this is my pros and my cons is that I believe it’s time to change the games you use for testing 🙂

mib21 mibr says:

@TechteamGB. hy, for a gaming pc with a 1080 ti, would you recommend an r5 1600 or r7 1700 ?

Sumed M says:

Nice review in detail

SenorSwagBuns says:

Id like to see how far u can get the 1400 and 1600 compared to the others.

Tommy Ecotec says:

The 1400 still has 2 CCX’s. The cores are disabled symmetrically. both CCX’s have 2 activated cores

Glen Bishop says:

So for streaming will i be able to survive on a 1400

Joe der Lyon says:

refreshing to see readable bar charts on my smartphone for once. Quality stuff!

Daniel Blackmore says:

A great comprehensive comparison, displayed in an easy to read format

Rami Bos says:

Man you talk too much. Interesting features but narrative requires super focus. Take a breath duh

Hokkaido Wolf says:

Hi. That black and gray keyboard behind you looks nice. Can you tell me the name of it, please?

MirceaEugen says:

No one seems to test the processors on an Starcraft 2 environment, my i5 struggles to keep up when multiple(and I mean many) units are in the screen at once. That should be a good tests for processors as strategy games are known for stressing the cpus.

dustojnik hummer says:

Please tell me it is worth watiting a month for R5 1600 instead of R5 1400.

Tuur Van Meel says:

Hey, if just put some parts togheter (first time) and i wonder what you think of it, and how i can improve it. My budget is around 1000 €.

julius cornelis says:

isn’t amd already stated last month
that all r5 still using same ccx design as r7
the 1400 is 2 ccx with L3 cache trimmed
u can’t assume its 1ccx by looking on total L3 cache alone right ?
& friendly looking graph, nice.

DJHeroMasta says:

Your benchmarks make me feel less sad about upgrading to Ryzen (From an FX 8350) v.s. getting an HTC Vive but what settings were you using to Avg those frames in GTA V lol? I know the 980 slightly edges out the 1060 but cmon! No way that was on Ultra (Minus AA of course)

dustojnik hummer says:

I would like to see you trying to get both over 4GHz.

Bluen Ginez says:

Can you OC the 1600 with an AIO and try reaching its limits? Everyone else tries it with the stock cooler.

Kelly Boyd says:

What were the OC’s on the Intel chips? Pity you didn’t OC the 6900K! :/

Sleepy Weirdo says:

i got a headache cuz of thoose graphs dude

Juan Pablo Gomez says:

Hi, i’ve a question. Keeping in mind Ryzen hasn’t an integrated gpu, i’ll obligated to put a dedicated gpu with this processor? or the mother will have an integrated gpu? I apologise for my rudimental english. Thaks for the video! Regards.

Alejandro Arenas says:

El youtuber de habla inglesa que decida ponerle subtitulos en español a sus videos, ganara el doble de suscriptores que tiene ahora o hasta más.

Rok Hamler says:

a good aftermarket cooler will raise the combined price of a 1400 much closer to a 1600. seem like a no brainer to then go with the 1600 which comes with a better cooler than the 1400

Scorponozhek Rolex says:

LOL, i5 better then top (r7 1800x) and any ryzen’s in games, ah ha ha ))

alexander hightech says:

i am waiting ryzen 3

EdvinMaster says:

I like the looks of the new graphs but its a bit hard to see what bar is for which cpu.

Slyspy 257 says:

I think the new graphs look great!

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