AMD Ryzen 5 1400 1500X & 1600X CPU Review

Its time to see how the Ryzen 4 and 6 Core perform!


André Borralho says:

That´s really a deep review. Thank you Sir, you helped me a lot about what to do in the next month or so. Being owner of a FX cpu, I was searching for a good spot for me in the next generation, seems that ryzen is the way to go. Choose the 1600+b350 by the way, the memory is the only problem right now, prices are not helping, especially with those “optimized for rizen” g.skill flare x memory sticks. I ll go with g.skill that s for sure, just waiting for some miracle with the prices. Thank you again, keep up with the awesome work!

Scuba Sausage says:

Finally a reviewer who gets it. I’m exactly the sort of person who cares about that tiny bit of gaming performance and doesn’t give a dam about the rest. I am in that minority.

This is the first reviewer who hasn’t blanket recommended the Ryzen CPUs to all. It’s why I have always been and always will be subbed to this channel.

dan k says:

The oldest computer can be traced to Adam and Eve.

Yes, it was an Apple.

But with extremely limited memory.

Just one byte.

Everything crashed.


great vid buddy!

yeeyoh says:

So is having a budget gaming rig just impossible now ?

SRAVAN S says:

LOL 1 hour!

biomechanism1 says:

But can it run minecraft?

deXter2 says:

If you would tested those CPUs with tbetter graphics card you would know that 1600 is the one to go for.

Anth bobo says:

I still can’t get to 3200 mhz stuck on 2933mhz with a corsair vengeance LPX 3200mhz hynix kit using an asus x370 prime motherboard.

SMGJohn says:

I disagree, I want as much features as possible in my stuff so AMD is the way to go for me, raw performance? No good when cheap FX 8 core 32nm annihilates 4 core i7 extreme edition 3rd gen or even 4th gen CPU in video rendering 4k.

shIntel may be faster in higher ends, but who the actually fuck has the money to get that? Not to mention shIntel evildoers limit all their gens to one socket, you bought 3rd gen? Oh sorry you need AN ENTIRE NEW MOTHERBOARD for the 4th gen.

Look at AMD, they now unified their sockets into just one making it even easier to exchange and upgrade, you may buy 1st gen Ryzen today but in 3 years you can upgrade to the 3rd gen Ryzen still using the same motherboard.

If you buy shIntel you wont be able to do that, shIntel also plays dirty those fuckers wants market dominance so they will do EVERYTHING to fuck over AMD, just look what they did when AMD were selling Athlons like crazy, they played dirty like the mafia.

So no, stop being fools and supporting Intel hegemony, you can say whatever the fuck you want but I been using computers since the damn 90s and there was never a fucking day with shIntel not being a greedy mafia doing everything they can to undermine the consumer, AMD genuinely care so better be red if you want to truly save money.
FX were good processors, just not as good for single core tasks but the again thanks to shIntel the market been stuck in single and dual core optimisation for two decades.

Keith Brooks says:

Oh well, I’m waiting until December for Christmas sale’s. Then I’ll probably get either a R7 1700 or R5 1600X.

Mr Dev says:

The worst VIDEO on RYZEN ive seen. Was thinking Get to the Point Man! But there was no point. Next time Don’t bog it down by just talking about bogging it down. Pls THUMBS DOWN IF YOU AGREE!

James Lewis says:

I made the choice to go for the R5 1600. My reasoning for this is that it gives extra cores & threads which allow for some elements of future proofing as more apps and games start using more system threads. Also I should be able to overclock it in the region of 3.8 – 4ghz which should yield pretty good benefits in straight line performance for not much more than the R5 1500X. It also allows me to expand my usage in areas other than just gaming as I am also looking at audio production and possibly CAD work. I will be pairing it up with an Asus RX 480 Strix so it should be a pretty good high end 1080p machine.

Also another thing I have noticed with Ryzen benchmarks is that Ryzen works best with DX12/Vulcan, high speed memory and AMD graphics drivers. There appears to be some issue with Nvidia graphics drivers that favours Intel which is probably an optimisation issue. As AMD and Nvidia are competitors in the graphics space I can see why Nvidia may decide either not to fix this or drag their heels on this task which is one of the reasons why I went with the RX 480.

Paul Mack says:

Great style of information delivery…you earned yourself a subscriber.I have an Athlon 920(4 cores) which is ancient but still manages to run most games on high settings with a Phantom GTX680.That was my third AMD cpu and now the Ryzen will be my fourth.Pity you never had a sample of the 1600 vanilla because that looks to me like the sweet spot.:-)

Bagdadsky_Hornik says:

and ryzen 5 1600 gets golden medal also?

Steven Waibel says:

One of those days when your logo is in the way of half the chart…

Sevn87 says:

working with a fx 6300, they really did get better over time. Obviously not up there with an I5 but its nice to see your budget machine improve with gaming instead of fall further behind.

VerDeLanceDeNigro says:

Tony, did you post the Temps on your graphs or did I miss it?I learned the best I cold harvest:Buy the best Ryzen Motherboard + the 1700 with good cooling ! = best bang for buck BBB

DerisiveLaughter says:

seen some 1600x get 4.0 all cores easily, also derbauer just set new records for 6 core cpus got the 1600x to 5.9 ghz on ln2.

Jean Diniz de Oliveira says:

*Then you throw a GTX 1080 there, and all the gaming results change!*
Would be nice to see this test!

MrSlapClown o/ says:

One of your best video’s keep up the great work

road wish says:

Proudly: “watched it whole, without skipin”

Detmer says:

Can you analyse and test the AX370 Gaming K3? (because it’s the cheapest motherboard with blck overclock capability)

Rewind Remix NCS says:

love it

1967 kID says:

I started building computers and oc in the 90s so I love playing with bios I think I spent more time in bios then gaming it’s addicting.

Rondal Childers says:

The latest version of Ryzen Master doesn’t report the 20 degree temperature offset of the X Zen CPUs any longer.

Also, AMD has released their own custom balanced power plan for Windows. You have to download and install it separately. It won’t come in a Windows update.

I can confirm the Gskill TridentZ RGB does in fact work without a hitch (2 sticks). I don’t have 4 so I can’t comment on those. Currently you need Samsung die memory for Ryzen.

wh3resmycar says:

i just started watching. dayum this is an hour long? hopefully there are 1440p numbers in there.

David DeBroux says:

RX 500 series coming out soon

I have an RX 480 4GB.

Nmuk9 R says:

TinyTomLogan = Absolute LEGEND

NegaTive Pt says:

hi mate nice job
I have some questions i have a i7 4770k and have some problems on i buted used and only work ate pci x 3 4x speed
is it worth to go to the r5 1600 or i will get more on a new i7 4790k?
In gaming i main use the pc to gaming and other works but i must of the time i game and i dont whant only 4 cores.
the rysen build is a but expencive cause of the ram because bord + r5 is almost the price of a new i7 4790k.

Techno King says:

Ryzen 5 1400 and i5 7400 have same price in my country.I do video editing and gaming.Which one should I go for?

Andrew Sheehan says:

I have the i5 6500 and it looks like its not much of an upgrade to the 1500x. Only difference is the hyper threading, which i want. and my reason to switch to the 1500x. Thanks for including the 6500, for comparing.

Tommy Geary says:

Tom I love you, we share a name, but I really think you should consider rethinking your gaming tests. Most reviews I’ve seen have agreed that at the $250 price point the 1600x is a phenomenal buy over the Intel competitors, and is even a better gaming CPU vs the 1500x. Other than Gears 4, all your gaming tests look GPU bound.

Warren Woodward says:

Thank you for all that excellent information.

Louis Aldous says:

I think if AMD and motherboard manufacturers get Ryzen’s overclocking under control (i.e. Over 4ghz) for customers with water cooling that can keep the CPUs cool then Ryzen could possibly match Kaby Lake IPC performance

Seon-Ho says:

For me, what CPU to get was really simple. 1500X for $115

Von Hamsterviel says:

The market in Sweden is pretty strange right now. When it comes to money Intel is actually cheaper tham AMD. Im not going to upgrade right now, but if I was looking to buy anything I would have a jungle to choose from.

DerisiveLaughter says:

man 161 single core is less than 193 sure but its a huge improvement over the 8350.

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