AMD RYZEN 3 REVIEW – Should you buy one?

AMD’s Ryzen 3 CPUs are FINALLY here. Should you buy one?

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lul 21 says:


Enso LLC says:

Should I upgrade my i7 950 to Ryzen 1200? I’m using gtx 1060 3gb 8 gb ddr3. Wondering if I would gain 20+ fps if I do upgrade.

cwli1 says:

With ryzen can windows 7 be installed to an ssd? Does it detect the ssd?

Bert Nijhof says:

Overclocking requires a more expensive motherboard say $30 more. For that price you can easily buy the 1300X instead of the 1200. If you add the cost of a better cooler, you can even buy a 1400 or a 1500x. Overclocking is not a rational decision, it is mainly a nice hobby for nerds.

Umenemo says:

Hey linus fans, can I get some advice? I got a ryzen 3 1200 and a gtx 1060, but I got some extra budget and I thought about getting a 1070 (with selling the 1060). Should I get a ryzen 5 in that case? I know the 1070 will be bottlenecked by R3, but will R5 be significantly better? Thanks in advance

MegumiFF7 says:

but but… my Haswell i5-4670 turbo boost to 3.6Ghz beats my Ryzen 5-1400 @ 3.7Ghz (Multi-threading disabled) on CINEBENCH R15 with 8 points.

Joey Ryder says:

Then the 8th gen is released. Rip AMD

Sapphire Destiny says:

I was going to get Ryzen 3 when my i5 750’s MOBO died but DDR4 RAM is too expensive and I already have my old PC’s RAM so I just went for a really good FX CPU.

Roland Pakr says:

Wow, cage the elephant reference! Nice

Chessy Strikes says:

love that valve and capcom sign down there

Vsco Cam App How To Edit Tutorials says:

Cheap build with ryzen 3 1200 mainly gonna use it with photo and video 1080p editing

Good decent gpu will be a future upgrade

Jhasua Gallo says:

Always prefered and been a fan of Intel, but as a REAL gamer i see the huge advantage AMD has over Intel right now. The only reason why i haven’t bought an AMD GPU is because here the prices are ridiculous for AMD GPUS, much more expensive than their Nvidia counterparts. But in terms of Cpu i’m loving my Ryzen 5.

Matthew BPbuds says:


Awayforthewin Pondelay nig says:

Im getting a ryzen 3 1300x for christmas

HikikomoriGamer says:

Does anybody have Blender benchmarks ?

Gecko o says:

I saw the prices of both products and around here they are more or less the same, so I would say that intel has the advantage

postgames minejjchase says:

but can it run crisis

Norven says:

So Ryzen is not good in terms of gaming? 3:50

Joel Ayers says:

Was that MH music in the intro? lol

Menoth Games says:

ryzen 3 1300x is such a good gaming processor

myroom isverydirty says:

4 cores and 4 threads? naaaa son, I rather go with the 1400, 4 cores, 8 threads.

Rusty Raccoon says:

I’m glad i bought snapdragon for my pc.

Memel Oro says:

Sir, please make a review about A12 9800. Thank you 🙂

Ryan says:


Irfan Spirtovic says:

“Money doesn’t griw on trees,you got bills to pay,you got mouths to feed”

Lee Spire says:

Thank you for the Cage the Elephant reference

Tom Brown says:

What are the integrated graphics like on Ryzen 3? Are they any good for gaming on 720p? I want to build an extremely low power gaming system with an APU and M.2 ssd and nothing else. I need portability above all so I am tempted to get Ryzen 3 cause of quad cores and the allegedly good integrated graphics.

Kyle Kerrigan says:

Do you know sign language

Gaming Ninja Hero says:

Ryzen 3 is console killer

Guy Phelps says:

Ryzen is goddamned awesome.

John Smith says:

Nothing wrong with AMD but still likes his Intel inside.

adamaussie18 says:

So a g4560 would be better to game on and cheaper? Good win amd lol..

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