AMD Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 Explained

What are the differences between the different CPU models in AMD’s new Ryzen lineup?

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Giovanni Vittorio Ambrosini says:

Why am I watching this after having bought a Ryzen 3 for my new Home Theater PC?
Because I’m waiting for the SSD to arrive in order to biuld the system…

Nerdomat says:

Im Gaming on my Intel i7 6800k……

Arvie San says:

Well I’m watching it to learn more of Ryzen. I love the Ryzen 3 1200 that I bought just 3 days ago since I just normally do some multitasking and more on studying (programming)

Graphic freaks studio says:

I love Intel’s, they are always fast. I had a computer with a AMD and it was really slow and glitched a lot. I guess it’s what your using it for though.

Johnny Krones says:

5:30 Thank you. I almost went down another YouTube wormhole. I need help…

Re ceaters says:

ryzen 5 1600 or ryzen 7 1700 or i5 8600k?

Oferk99 says:


Tyler Joseph Schommer says:

Look Linus, I bought all the parts for a PC and I didn’t look into the differences first, okay? That said, I am only gaming and maybe light video editing, so my Ryzen 3 will be more than fine (my monitor isn’t super high tech anyway).

Just Mason says:

i wish the world only had one type of currency
(lives in canada)

GameArcade says:

Went from an AMD Radeon fx-6300 to a Ryzen 5 1400. Very very happy. After all of these years playing PC games since I was 8 and now that I am 16, I finally have a serious gaming PC with my first 1080p monitor and can play basically any game I want at least at 1080p and 60 fps on basically max settings. 🙂

playfast321 says:

Ryzen 3 isnt for all games though. Open world games as gta5 do not run well with anything below the decent 1500x. From the 1400 downwards the FPS drops dramatically

L R says:

I have an 5 1600x already lol

Pashion of the Mint says:

Bought myself Ryzen 5 1500x gonna get it in 2 weeks. I hope its good for my use

Wandering Warlock says:

So I’m planning on playing games at 1080p 40+fps will a ryzen 3 be good or should i get an Intel

Handy Andy says:

Im still on that FX-8350 shii

Djebril Laorden says:

ohh linus why do you have so many channel?

brent scholl says:

My thoughts? Since not many games support more than 4 cores I am not interested in high end Ryzen processors. My Intel 7700k overclocked to 4.8ghz works great for gaming and it will continue to run great for many years to come. Until more developers start supporting more games with many cores, I am fine with my Intel i7 7700k due to me being a PC gamer/ non streamer.

吳國寶 says:

Amd yes!

24/7 Gameing TV says:

Ryzen 5 1600x asrock x370 motherboard Rx 570 8gb and hay don’t worry I just came from a fx 4100 and a gtx 750 you’ll get there

scheissewerfer says:

Ryzen 5 1400 overclocked is perfect for every game out there

Hi It's Me Mind Your Own Business says:

I just wish Intel and Amd would make one damn chip.

TiDaN SiC66 says:

i got my Ryzen 7 1800x its very good for steams and gaming

Vemza says:

Intel chips are great, top notch, grade A stuff… but I’m not made of money. Bang for the buck? Low budget AM4 build ftw ;).

potentialforanything says:

These prices are inaccurate btw, AMD reduced them H E L L A lot during CES.

Samir Rana says:

I do online reporting of medical images. I go to a website. One click and a new window opens with a series of appx 100 images of total 20-50MB. Another window opens where in word file have to write few lines. Then i close both Windows. This thing repeated every 2-3minutes. Can you pls suggest processor for this work (intel or amd; and which model).. Thank u sir in advance

Dr. Leonard Hofstadter says:

Oh man I love to have a AMD laptop, with a high end Ryzen 5. That be awesome

Shiro Tomachi says:

if only amd supports oc besides just leaving the key in the ignition

nyoai says:

even the r3 1200 is quite amazing and im pleased

Kenan Saltik says:

Intel CPU kernel bug FAQ: Fix for massive security flaw could slow down PCs and Macs

Geck0Boy Gaming says:

Looks like AMD are RYZEN above Intel… hahahhhahahahahahahaha

plz kil me

MrSoldier says:

thats weird
because i just got a ryzen 4 1300
or a ryzen 7
lel xd

Jack M says:

Linus got the sunburn

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