AMD Ryzen 3 1200 vs AMD FX 8370 – Should you upgrade from an FX CPU? | OzTalksHW

Many of you are still on the FX line-up and the R3 looks like a cheap cop-out from the Bulldozer line-up…but, is it worth the extra cash? Let’s take a look.

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~Time Stamps~
Intro – 0:00
8370 & 1200 Specs – 0:36
RAM Speed – 1:11
Overclocking – 2:22
Temperatures – 2:45
Graphics Card, Final Test Benches & Why – 3:05
CPU Benchmarks (Cinebench R15, Blender, Handbrake, Vegas Pro, Dolphin) – 3:37
720p/1080p Gaming Benchmarks (3DMark, BF1, CSGO, GTA V, Overwatch, Prey, PUBG, R6S) – 5:38
No Price/Performance Graphs – 10:01
Final Thoughts & My Recommendation – 10:15

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AMD Ryzen 3 1200 vs AMD FX 8370 – Should you upgrade from an FX CPU? | OzTalksHW



José Antonio Serrano says:

Nice nice benchmark music I like your videos and I learn , saludos desde México

Yuck Foutube says:

If anyone is still using the FX 8370 i can tell you that the 1050ti pairs well with it.

Nois kova says:

Why 720p

Andrew says:

I need some help. Is it worth it to upgrade to a 8370 from my amd fx-4300? The 8370 is about the best processor my current motherboard can hold. I mainly play fortnite, ill list my specs if someone could give me an estimated fps rate. Thanks!

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
16gb Ram DDR3

DarkFetti says:

Big question I have a Fx 6300 and my question is can I upgrade my Cpu to a Ryzen 5?

Kuzma Gameplays N' Music says:

1500x 4.1 ghz 1.36v stock cooler, 2 hours prime stable

John Timperley says:

Fx9590 ??

Tech BG says:

8370 same like 8300?

Emre Karaman says:

why would you overclock one and not the other, does not seem fair

Clifford Perkins says:

this benchmark is obsolete towards the fx 8370 the games you chose which a lot of reviewers choose ( 3DMark, BF1, CSGO, GTA V, Overwatch, Prey, PUBG, R6S ) are not fully multi threaded for 8 threads . GTA 5 , Overwatch ,  and CSGO do not make good use at all for 8 threads. Every game you benched use no more the 6 threads /cores.  If you notice in 3dmark the fx won and very heavy with 8 threads. The reason people watched this review was to see if upgrading the fx 8370 or 8350 to ryzen 3 1200 would future proof for at least a year. Now a days everything is wayyyy more heavy threaded, which will push the AMD FX ahead . Using old games that use old engines is not fair at all and using poorly optimized games ( PUBG) . 3dmark is very accurate at displaying that. Use crisis 3 , just cause 3 , Far cry 5,  ARK Se and there is some more . the FX will eat the ryzen 3 1200 overally. When it comes to heavy 8 threaded games the FX 8370 will mostly  win or barely lose .because its getting to use all  8 arms  and that’s why big review sites like tom’s hardware , guru3d, techspot and more will not bench them at all due to exposing them . Do some more research on heavy 8 threaded games because that is the future and the reason why people came here other then big sites that wont show it. Play the hunt: showdown that FX wil eat that ryzen 3 like crackers. instead of in an i3 6100 , include an old i7 like 2600K or 3770k, 8 threads baby .

alpan says:

Lol I don’t need to upgrade just yet don’t have the money

Steve Smith says:

……I bought a new fx chip brand new in Oct 2017….

haha I bought and built AM3+ computer for my cuz a few months after this video game out knowing full well it was a dead outperformed platform

just too good a price to pass up for new parts. $60 for both a fx 8320e and ASUS M5A78L-M Plus after rebates and coupons.

since I already had all the other parts lying around, including 16gb DDR3 ram, I didn’t jump into Ryzen, contrary to popular opinion.


Awww sorry but was hoping you compared another 8 core up against the FX8370, a 4 core comparison is useless for me lol

mk-ii says:

will the FX be good for Cpu mining ?

Stephen Arseneau says:

I can see me making a new build with a Ryzen 3 1200. Use that while I save up for a 2700x.

Cpt. Shmitt says:

Have a Rtx-2070 and amd-8370
Worth upgrading the fx to ryzen? Or should I wait?

ArcantousII says:

uhm i’ve got FX 8350 With 1050 TI , also 144 hz gaming monitor 1080p though i’m thinking about going for the I5 8400 with 1060 should i go for it , or that 20 fps won’t really matter? i’m a bit confused , im actually running everything smooth with my current specs but idk i feel like upgrading. would love to see your opinion guys !

LEV1ATAN says:

I buy my Fx 8320e and then 6 month later, Buuuummm. Rizen came out 🙁 but im happy, i can play everything in 1080 60 FPS on ultra without OC in 3.4 Ghz (gtx1060 6G)

D Kat says:

WOW good knowledge: I have a fx6300 I do some gaming but its definitely not hard core Destiny2 now is about it. I have done most of the COD,Battlefield,ect. I would need so much to get the Ryzen going motherboard/memory/CPU/Graphics card were talking $350 +. I am old school I have a hard time paying more for DDR 4 memory than a CPU and Motherboard….

The Magic Of Arsenal FC says:

So if you overclock the fx 8370 it’s better then the r3 1200 at stock, I’m upgrading my fx 6300 to a 8370

rem kanji says:

Im getting a fx 8350

Aquarius61 says:

Hey Ozzy! I’m till rocking my FX 8370 on an ASUS M5A99FX PRO mobo that’s cooled by a Corsair H115i AIO, Kingston HyperX 1866mhz ram and matched to a Sapphire R9 290X Vapor-X Tri-X 4gb and I can’t complain about its performance in any way! I wanted to know if you were aware of the FX 8370’s extreme overclocking stability when used with an overkill AIO. I discovered that I could easily get a stable 5.3 ghz and there is loads of headroom left if you wanted to push it higher by further tweaking of voltages. There is a little understood voltage curve that allows higher clocks with lower voltages than the 8350 and even less than the 8320.
I saw a chart that showed the stable O/C voltages of the later pair up to 4.7ghz, and when I reduced the voltages slightly lower than the 20 & 50 by the same margin of difference it remained completely stable @5.3 ghz for hours of hard gaming play. Not to mention that the old and still resilient Sapphire 290X is also a monster O/C’er to the point that it still competes with RX590 reaching 1610 mhz and still not running too hot at ambient 72F(even better in winter @ 66F.)

I will be repurposing this rig and converting it into my home recording Studio DAW. Its already paid for itself since I built her in 2012 ~6 years to date (5 years of service was the longest I used a previous system) but I think this can go another 2 years easy, especially if I move to a LINUX OS(ubuntu) before making the jump to a Ryzen 1800x which will be dirt cheap used by then(they are on sale in Toronto today @ $299cnd sale price) cheers!!!

All Type's OF Stuffs says:

LoL the i3 gave a tough fight

Daniel Floyd says:

the music in this is a song by Casiopea but i cant figure out which one im dying over here

HuskerMotion says:

Lol says “Don’t buy the fx 8370 new” Im probably gonna buy it because I already have a socket for it and I am not willing to spend 300 more.

Fallen Shaw says:

Did you consider DirectX 12s effect on the 8350? I ask because direct x11 and further back only allows the use of 4 cores. Direct X12 allows use of more cores thus making the FX8350 faster than it used tobe.

Harry58 says:

for productivity which should i get, or is there a better cpu under 100 for productivity.

pan cake says:

how about fx 8350?

Sum Dood says:

With the fx6300 being about $50 retail boxed with cooler, fx is still a viable option for someone with am3 hardware.

I upgraded from an athlon ii x4 and the difference was noticeable.

Hazem Mohamed says:


OzTalksHW says:

Got the 8370 to 4.6 GHz and RAM to 1866. An update-ish video is in the works because this video feels a bit incomplete without overclocked 8370 results.

GhostFox47 says:

Imma still cop lol, 2018 too. 50/60 fps is fine with me

Sunl says:

I have a am3+ on my motherboard what CPU do I get?

Agustin Gianfrancesco says:

I have a R3 1200 @ 3.9Ghz and a GTX 1070 = BATTLEFIELD 1 @ 30-40 FPS in low, medium or ultra settings at 1920x1080p

Memeulistic says:

I would upgrade from my 8350 to r3 but I would have to get a new motherboard and new ram

Jonathan Soko says:

I bought my ryzen 3 1200 after watching this, thanks. I used a 8350 since it came out, but as decent as it still is, the amount of stutters in my games was getting worse. After switching to r3 1200, my favorite games ALL play 100% more smooth than they did on my fx chip. People still holding on dearly to their fx chips really should move on, when you can. It is worth it, i can attest to that. I held on for years, had my doubts but the fact that im playing my favorite games, and am getting a wayyyyyyy better and more smooth experience, is proof for me. Id get decent frames with my 8350, but it was slow, and stutters happened much more than i would want. I could feel it struggling to keep up while my r3 1200 is a smooth experience

Zein Whalid says:

is AMD FX 8370 fits on ddr3 Gigabyte motherboard?

Víctor Suárez says:

el fx 8370 no esta utilizando todos los nucleos y debido a eso el rendimiento cae considerablemente.

William Bade says:

an fx 8350 for $75 brand new is a great deal, and the ram/mobo’s are cheap as hell now.

The 3D Printing Corner says:

I know you didn’t have time, but would love to see your FX at Max OC

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