AMD Ryzen+ 2600 & 2700 CPU Review – Do they overclock?


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Sacco Belmonte says:

No Spitfire?

OutOfRangeDE says:

Do they over-overclock?

jagsfanrick says:

Great video.

M Oczakow says:

So what’s the 24/7 stable? I don’t really care about “bench stable”.

the one you dont see says:

im still happy with my fx 6350@4.2ghz with nb and ht at 2.4ghz mild overclock that will not die this decade under am3 wraith cooler and 8gb 1866mhz cl9 ram. im not runing uber monitor i just want it locked in at 1080p60fps witch it does fine in any game with gtx 1050ti.

Eric Witte says:

Little bit? Xfr2 at stock boosts me to 170-180W!

NapFloridian says:

Nice review mate as always very honest and well done

Brian Wilhelm says:

Show me your mustang!

Keith Arszman says:

Hey want upgrade my pc got i5 3570 k 12 gig ram and rx 580 oc 8gig

Firejack (aka) Irricas says:

Thanks for including the comparison of each Ryzen 2nd gen CPU on their respective stock coolers with what temperatures you get when overclocked. EDIT: Can you clarify which results are on the H110i GT cooler?

JacobMTK says:

It’s really gonna depend on..what? ON WHAT MAN , ON WHAT!!!?

TheRocky3211 says:

what happened to the end there tom

Chok Ice says:

Its better not to overclock it iv herd..
I was telling everyone before ryzen launched LAST YEAR ..its better to not touch overclocks .however i was mistaken. . I herd things in the chain… and assumed XFR1… was infact XFR2…

All my predicitons so far have been right.. but at the wrong times..

E.g i thought primitive discard was dsbr..

So everythinf i predict..will happen.. just the gen after i said it will or even gen after..

So navi?? Probably wont be navi… cus what i think navi is.. is a total rework off an architecture..

Hopefully navi will be skipped and GCN replacement will be fast tracked cus RTG are so behind ..

Owen Parry says:

Do the 2600X/2700X have the 20 degree temp offset as is present in the 1700X/1800X?

Buzz K says:

It’s really going to depend on what?

Blade says:

I have a 2700 and I managed to get 4.3 at 1.275 V stable after 12 hours of stress testing maybe I win the silicon lottery

The Crazy Old Coot says:

Buy the X versions and let the CPUs overclock themselves.

Tobinat0r1337 says:

Vid starts @ 8:40

Peter Jansen says:

It is not entirely true tha tthe motherboard is not (that) relevant. General rule of thumb: avoid MSI. They were the worst with RAM for Ryzen1 by far.

Balb Mahal says:


Lost Cause says:

I clicked the Like Button before watching your video, non-stop uninterrupted till the very end and now I’m typing this comment. Is it just me, or did the video just end abruptly while you were talking at 18:42 ?? Might be a YouTube glitch or something, never mind…. I don’t scrub through/skip parts of your videos because the knowledge you provide is very well presented, detailed; and valuable because you reveal unique information that most other reviewers completely avoid, for example, the thermal paste in this video. So, thank you for working hard to show us this video. Keep up the great work!

Bene Hirsch says:

is ttl getting into shape?!

Keith Arszman says:

Should do a ryzen 5 1600 w b 350 gaming or ryzen 5 2600 x

Lion aka Burnt Custard says:

My R5 2600 so far can boot at 4.2GHz 1.4v but crashes during benchmarks. Will probably settle on 4.0GHz for the sake of heat and noise

jvgoransson says:

Great but a little short vid 😉

Andrew Murczek says:

i set it my R7 2700x on 1.4v and auto boost and i got 4.35ghz .. ram g.skill 3466mhz 16-16-16-36 1.35v

Mr11ESSE111 says:

they oclock same or better then x models

Danielchichirita Daniel says:

my ryzen 2600x bord asus prime x370 stock 4.350 no all cors, vcore 1.463v. OC 1.473V for 4.2 Mhz no but

Michael Gusevsky says:

Doesn’t the x stand for xfr? And both have precision boost too? On x4** atleast?

Michael Gusevsky says:

Preemptive comment: I’ve heard they clock better than the x ones lol

Lex, Leroy. Lerox says:

A better way to Sell them separately??? What a BS Talk! It’s Awesome that AMD is Packing Coolers with their CPU’s!

Christopher Lewis says:

Neat edit at the end 🙂

Reyk says:

I wish they would just drop the coolers and pass the savings on to us, if they were to sell the chip alone.

Peter Jansen says:

I can guess the conclusion of this video. Overclocking by hand doesn’t give much extra result, if any. Ryzen2 X overclocks automatically to the limit. Well done, AMD.

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