AMD Ryzen 1800X Review | In-Depth Benchmarking

In-depth review of the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU with temperature testing, overclocking, encoding and Gaming performance benchmarks. Including framerates versus the Intel i7 6800K.
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0:00 – Specs & Price
0:25 – XFR (Extended Frequency Range)
1:45 – Overclocking
2:37 – Cooling
3:27 – Testing Methodoly & Test Systems
4:47 – Encoding & Synthetic Benchmarks
8:23 – Gaming Benchmark
10:34 – Conclusion

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Jesse N says:

Hey Joker, does it mean I hit the silicon lottery if my Ryzen 1800X achieved at 4.0 GHz on air with stock voltage?

cesar ramirez says:

while over hyped the price is no joke. you really get what you pay for.

Fladder Fluim says:

With all the benchmarks I have seen yet.. they vary much… none of the systems have RAM running higher then 2666mhz. So wait for the BIOS updates to unlock the full capacity of these brand new CPU’s. Or better brand new platforms…

Florian Yang says:

What’s the max safe voltage for overclock a ryzen CPU?

TigerArmy1962 says:

The name of the song at the end of this video please?

Sasuke Mohla says:

i feel you are the only reviewer who is not lying to us. 🙂 happy to see honest people.

Ziaur Rahman says:

sweet review… gonna get an R7 1700 soon

Fullyverified says:

Ryzen is performing poorly in games right now because early motherboard BIOSes are having lots of issues and causing performance loss. No applications of been optimized for Ryzen, yet. With any new CPU architecture release, devs will have to optimize for that archetecture, this hasn’t happend yet. Nor has windows released the update to optimze for Zen. Also, the cpu can not boost properly unless the windows power feature is set to ‘high performance’. Many reviews didn’t know to change it when they bench marked.

Now to explain why jokers results are so much better then every one elses. The motherboard he is using has a bios that is working correctly, its the simple, just about every reviewer was using a different motherboard, which explains why every reviewer had different results. Most of motherboards right now are having tons of issues working with Ryzen properly, as this is causing the cpu to loose a lot of performance. All that needs to happen are bios updates for motherboards, fixing memory issues, etc and programs to optimize for this new architecture. Its that simple.


MohondhaY says:

THANK YOU for the OC info on this CPU. I dont know why others aren’t including OC info in their reviews.

GaborBartal says:

Hmm it’s *Handbrake* but at least _hand break_ sounds comical

Scootermagoo says:

Tybok C7 hours agoIntel has been bribing reviewers and software devs for years to make Intel look better than AMD, by using compilers that favours Intel CPU’s. If AMD wants a level playing field is that so bad? It just shows what AMD CPU’s are about.

This is one of the most ignorant statements ever said in youtube, and that goes a long long ways. Intel has been the dominant cpu tech for 5-8 years now depending who you talk to. They write the code and make the cpu’s. Of fucking course people code for intel when it’s the only game on the block you play the game or go home. AMD Fanboys and conspiracy theorists do this shit all the time they make up lies to fit their personal perceptions. This bloody cpu is only 2 days old. Good gracious man pull your coolaid sucking ass out of africa and come back to earth. Seriously ignorance like this bad for AMD. Intels are faster in gaming that can’t be ignored. Until we see dual 1080’s on both AMD and Intel machines side by side. NOBODY knows who is faster. And even then it might not be clear cut till we get gpu’s capable of playing 4k better then we have now and 1080’s are not the answer.

Bob Sacamento says:

interesting review over at Semiaccurate ( who was supposedly NOT contacted by Intel to lead to biased reviews) on Ryzen which shows that the 1800x is pretty much what everyone expected it to be.

Solace Graywood says:

AMD screwed up for only one reason at this time. They should have marketed the R5, R4 and R3 first, then brought out the 8 core dawgs in May or June.

krazymarmot says:

will a 700 watt gold + do it for 1700x

Portee says:

AMD is having Overclocking problems too… and It’s still able to stay close to intel

David Baillie says:

what you don’t tell folks is the new API take the work of the CPU and put it on the GPU ie 4k games if you want to play old games fine. the
new API’s the whole point is the GPU is the bottleneck

Mat cool says:

how did they do it man? and its only gonna get better and cheaper over time.

Fladder Fluim says:

Also I am curious to the results with an R5 setup with the new GPU’s by AMD. So I guess we gamers will have to wait a few more month’s.

SuperBeautifulNoise says:

I bought an i7 7700k in the end because it is better in games, it is great that Ryzen great at work so I can rest easy knowing that AMD will still make excellent sales.  All I use my PC is to watch videos and browse the net and play games so that is why I went with Intel again.  I wish AMD all the best, hopefully it will regain it’s gaming lead with Ryzen 2. 🙂

loki apple says:

Joker hands down which is a better over clocker and (IPC wise) performs better in non gaming applications, 6900K or 1800X? When cost is not factored in.

Wiktoria Bork says:

stupid test, never know if higher or lower is better :/

bad4ever2010 says:

THIS! Exactly what I keep telling people. You cannot say the 1800X is bad against the 7700K WHEN THE 7700K BEATS EVERYTHING ELSE INCLUDING 69XX AND 68XX SERIES!!!!!!

The real story is what Joker just demonstrated here; i.e. the 1800X vs 6800K (and also 6900K). Something a lot of people conveniently omit in their thrashing of all things AMD.

Joker Productions, you have my thanks for another awesome review. I have now subbed to your channel, cheers!

Pierre-Jean Douillard says:

Nice vid, but why comparing Ryzen 7 1800X 8-core cpu vs 6-core avg Intel 6800k? The 6900k is the chip that needs to be compared, lol.

Jarl Petersen says:

newegg got 4ghz on all 8 core

ValleyboyGamer says:

R7 1800X is £490 in the UK while the i7 6800k is £399 so could still save a bit going the intel route over here. Really can’t wait to see what the R5 series does in gaming think that’s what most people would be going for when they released.

Majinga Zetto says:

So looks like some faulty mother boards are responsible for the initial bad reviews of Ryzen. Thanks Joker, now I see the potential of this processor is huge. Well done AMD.

MrBoggy101 says:

Mad props to you man for such extensive testing.

A Dream says:

Now the issue for AMD is who the fuck is going to buy the 1800X if it doesn’t OC any higher than the 1700/1700X? The whole point (or at least we thought) of the $500 price point for the 1800X was to potentially get it up to 4.2/4.3 GHz.

Fladder Fluim says:

I might purchase a Ryzen 1700 if I see better overclocking and running RAM at 3000Mhz.
Future games will be utelizing more cores and a processor like the I7 7700K will be less interesting.
Who playes old DX9-11 games in about a year.. and need 200 frames/sec? not many I guess.

Kore says:

Joker, its not gonna be about DX12, its all about Vulkan bud, look at the news about AMD and Bethesda titles. Oh and Joker try disabling SMT and rebenching.

John Hooper says:

In the end itsa good cpu, very future proof and a very good “Allrounder” cpu for everything.. But worst overhyped Marketing BS from AM as always.. After NDA stock crashed almost 10%.. Welcome Ryzen! But the biggest Marketing Hype BS is just incoming.. Vega..

Critical Point says:

Your oc problems might be related to the motherboard.

Alberto Martinez says:

You do good work Joker keep it fair and keep it simple.

leon Brierley says:

what about gaming and streaming

Arthur Lesueur says:

A thousand bucks for what? Can’t just buy CPU. Gotta buy mother board, ram, cooler, think I’ll wait. Glad the war has started, but still have to spend 1000 bucks for bragging rights. Too bad AMD doesn’t send us all that kit.

Fum3s says:

This guys hands are everywhere…………..0:00 to 0:15

MD Taseen says:

7700k is still my dream processor for gaming.the R5s and R3s must have higher clock speeds and more overclocking potential for current blue team members to switch to ZEN. also the bios and low level coding for W10 needs to be improved. Ryzens gaming performance is not scaling with synthetic single core performance on other tests.

kimile54 says:

I seldom give comment, but I can’t help to say Joker is one of the few honest, neutral, and provides knowledgeable analysis among the self acclaimed “reviewers”

Suda Badri says:

im dying to get past 1080 gaming tbh, the gaming disparity in 1080 is negligible if you have anything less than a 144hz 1080 monitor, but if vega and 1080ti can give me 4k 60p ill be happy af playing on my tv. But I run a recording studio and my pcs are more single thread reliant for audio bounces, so im in two minds, if the R5 or R3 range has better single core that would be amazing price per value as the R7 for me personally or stick to a 1700. Great vids bro

Bob Sacamento says:

Joker, your previous friend over at tech yes just made a cheap passing at your results. i can now understand why you guys are no longer friends, its quite poor behaviour from him really or for any techyoutuber to have cheap shots at each other. I continue to rely on your unbiased views and videos and I think you do an amazing job overall. keep at it and ignore these negative people.

EB Lou Lou says:

I’m sticking with my i7 3770k no point upgrading for a new PC JST need a new GPU that’s it. I’ll wait til next year to see what’s up.

Daniel Wasilewski says:

was the SMT disabled during your tests?

joshkilla67 says:

4.0-4.1…you need to water-cool or run a custom loop for more OC prformance.

Pp Lime says:

They use water cooling to OC 4ghz , no additional voltage…..

9manny99 says:

So get a Ryzen 1700 if you want better overall performance and want a cpu that can do all get it, if you raw gaming power the i7 7770K is your best bet. This and your 1700 review were the most helpful reviews.

Marcus Loke says:

wonder how others are getting 4 ghz without problems … cause u are not the only having troubles at 4ghz OC

Djmix Kenny says:

If you could get the 1800X up to 4.3Ghz like the 6800K, I think it would definitely defeat the 6800K.

Nikos Papadopoulos says:

Please no more GRAPH BARS CHARTS
No more stupid benchmark like cinebench or 3D MARK


Joker Productions says:

Here’s timestamps for this lengthy review.

0:00 – Specs & Price
0:25 – XFR (Extended Frequency Range)
1:45 – Overclocking
2:37 – Cooling
3:27 – Testing Methodoly & Test Systems
4:47 – Encoding & Synthetic Benchmarks
8:23 – Gaming Benchmark
10:34 – Conclusion

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