AMD R5 2600 & 2600X Review | Stream Benchmarks, Gaming, Blender

We review the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and R5 2600X in this video, with most testing focused vs. the i5-8600K CPU from Intel.
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Our review of the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 CPU includes gaming benchmarks, streaming benchmarks (Twitch & YT), rendering tests with Blender, and power consumption for the R5 2600 and R5 2600X. We also talk about power consumption while streaming, for a unique metric, and reference previous memory overclocking tests with the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X. The R5 2600 and 2600X specs detail 6 cores and 12 threads, with base and boost clocks listed as 3.6GHz and 4.2GHz (2600X), or 3.4GHz and 3.9GHz boost for the 2600.

We primarily focus on the R5 2600 and R5 2600X vs. i5-8600K Intel CPU, with additional tests for the R5 vs. R7 CPUs and R7 2700X vs. i7-8700K tests.

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman


Gamers Nexus says:

Article has a ton more power bench charts:
You should definitely watch our R7 2700 & 2700X review for more information:
And our Gigabyte X470 motherboard analysis:
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WWE We says:

Hi Cisco Ramon…

dejan says:

How to fix 100% CPU usage on Assasin Creed Origins i7 3770k gtx 1070 16gb ram noting overclocked

Dhasjk Dahskjdhas says:


Swift - Silver says:

Why do you have it all crossed out?

sputnik13 says:

why all the tape on the CPUs?

Emi Martinez says:

2700 review?

Carl Kitchen says:

Powerpoint benchmarks on the 8600k.

Romeo V says:

Is game mode enabled or disabled for these tests? (Don’t see it covered in your test methodology).

NeoBlue says:

Wait a secound… isn’t Ryzen going to a 7nm lithography next year? This is pretty exciting tbh lol

Arthur 94 says:

I’m going to build my first PC with a rx 580 8gb and r5 2600x but I’m having a problem finding a b350m motherboard that already comes with an updated bios and getting an x470 is just too expensive. I know the socket is the same, but I don’t have an old gen Ryzen to update the Bios, anyone know some boards that already come with the bios updated?

Weaver Games says:

AMD should really put the streaming angle more heavily into their marketing.


1 FENAT! Gold!

Manishgant Anantha Padmanabhan says:

Why the Ryzen 2600 and the 2700X missing the “5” and “7” monikers though? 1:41

EMRE Unlu says:

So what should I get if I want to build a Ryzen5 system from scratch? 1600x or 2600? Is it worth the ~40 euro price difference to get the 2600?

ApocalyptixX Euw says:

I Think i will go for the r5 1600 it is 140€ now 😀

ubbgn says:

I5s already outdated, oh yeah intel does give u value thats for sure!

Angry Rambo Show says:

But who streams off their cpu?

SiriusXification says:

Considering the somewhat large price gap(150 eur vs 200 eur) between the ryzen 1600 and 2600(X) in some regions and the negligible performance gains.

Some reviewers have mentioned other gains in the form of lower latency, mentioned that this actually significantly increases I/O speeds a lot. So much that it’s noticable in desktop usage.
Have you encoutered anything of the sort?

Nathan says:

What ram speed were you using for the AMD chips? Thanks!!

Sylvain Paquette says:

Based on that I will keep my 1800x that works well at 4.1 ghz for now but a 16 cores threadripper is tempting. How long before the new gen of threadripper is due ?

Jace says:

Great review as always! I noted what you said about ryzens scheduler and how it balances the load and prio for the stream better. This makes me wonder how much benefit one might notice from that while mutlitasking and gaming. Im usually running youtube/netflix at the same time as i game, and on my 6700k that doesn’t always work out so well. During loadingscrens for example where youtube tend to freeze up for a couple of seconds. Not sure how one would test this, but it would be interesting to see if a R7 would handle that better.

CA GC says:

the xfr2 its x470 exclusive or can be used on a x370/b350 board?

Giodac says:

Please, let me point out some of the incoherences of this test:

– Sacrificing FPS for suberb stream quality is something a serious gamer wouldn’t do. 1080p60 live streaming is something to be done via dedicated streaming PC and it’s restrict to full time streamers only (less than 1% of the population)

– Using a 6c CPU to stream with x264 at 1080p60 makes no sense at all in a single PC stream setup.

– Most viewers aren’t capable to watch smooth 10k bitrate streams because of region differences/latency and internet speeds

It feels like this test was made with the objective to bash Intel and their “bad” practices. What you’re doing is biased journalism. Creating a niche scenario to favor your report and a certain brand.

WayStedYou says:

Cinematic one frame every now and then

Chaython Meredith says:

I use intel quicksync

XFourty7 says:

19:04 I was wondering, if you are going for a 2600 (non X) and intending to OC it, should you OC by setting all cores to a constant clock or OC with the AMD tool (forget name) which you mentioned in another vid allows you to set/unlock XFR voltage and such?

Muhammad Hadiq Duiputra says:

I am currently planned to upgrade my CPU from FX-6300, do the 2 series worth the extra cost or should I save the money and buy the 1 series instead?

mental_ says:

I really like the countdown bars for each scene, makes it much easier to watch. Great idea

Adam Stevenson says:

Holy fuck that’s a LOT of #’Z bein thrown around right there lol

Godlyhank says:

Still running a FX 8300, still provides the FPS i deem acceptable for what i need, and found with 2016-2018 titles its actually holding its own really well, if 60 fps is your goal. With drops to 45 fps roughly depending on title. But those drops tend to be momentary

TheAndrew0085 says:

Any testing of how well the stock Wraith Stealth cooler handles the 2600 if you overclock it? It may be worth it to buy the 2600X just for the better cooler.

G.J. Electrics says:

6:21 and 8:32 ….. OMG … That is a hell of a difference ! …. AMD Ryzen rules ! I know what i am buying next week 🙂
Bey Intel ….. Hello AMD ! 😉

MightySquirrel says:

Terrific review! You could help Amd with promoting their processors better than any amd pr

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