AMD Piledriver FX-8350 CPU Processor Performance Overview NCIX Tech Tips

AMD’s FX-8350 piledriver core is now available in an FX variety.



Ilijas Ramic says:

well phenom is still awesome I do t see why should I upgrade my phenom to fx that cost shit of money

Callum Clarke says:

I cant wait to see the performance of Zen when that gets released hopefully later this year.

AB Sawada says:

I need and cpu

Bang4BuckPC Gamer says:

Probably one of the best things AMD ever made

peterpiper0002 says:

please respond: how do i tell if my computers compatible for a 8350 black edition?

Dave Leitz says:

4 Piledriver modules with 2 integer units and 1 floating point unit in each module.  Therefore, FX 8350 is not a true FULL 8 core processor in the same sense that a Phenom II X6 is a FULL 6 core processor where each individual core has its own FPU.

Don’t get me wrong, though.  I like AMD and have built desktops based on AMD cpus.  I’m just pointing out the fact that not all “cores” are designed equally.

glenn j says:

Would this cpu be good for recording pc gameplay for youtube ats steady fps?

Martijn van Zanen says:

Cpu is still fine today’s Running it with agtx1070 evga superclocked and asrock extreme 4 990fx.
Other pc is the asrock extreme 3 970 and the evga 970 superclocked.

Both system got 1866 dual channel memory and it runs all as hell, Also while streaming.

Edit: I did not overclocked my cpu. Its not needed.

Remy the Cereal says:

2015… is the FX8350 still good? or will the Xeon 1231 V3 Wreck it…

Jdog9945 says:

Hey so I’m new to building pc’s and I was just wondering how do I do the bios update like will my pc run without it then I goto the website and download it or do I need to call them and get it done I’m running the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P ATX AM3+ Motherboard please help

Jeffray Crownwell says:

There is something I’d like to know and it’s IF there is 2 different kind of FX-8350 because one basically cost around $200.00 and the other nearly $300.00

UnityPlays says:

So many people bash the amd chips.

declde says:

My 8350 @5GHz and R9 290x Lightning can do everything I throw at it. With a Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard and an SSD, my rig is a rendering/streaming wonder machine.

Tomas O'Brien says:

ive got the 8350, 8 gb ram, and an NVIDIA GTX 760 (which i overclocked) and i gotta say I’m LOVING the performance. I bought in at $199, (plus 149 for the MOBO) and at now $149 for the FX 8350, I’d recommended it to anyone who wants a great bang for the buck CPU with room to grow.

Larry Goodwin says:

I have the AMD FX-8350 on a Corsair H80iGT Cooler and i thought i would get some cooler temps my pump is on performance mode and the fans stay on about 50% and my temps stay about 40 C can some tell me if this is a good temp or am i lacking something?

Blood Ninja says:

That intro music. lol

Jacoz says:

How High can I put the settings on games such as DayZ, H1Z1, CSGO, Grand Theft Auto 5 and well really any newer games with these Specs and have a stable FPS? AMD FX-8350 8 Core 4.0GHz CPU,
NVIDIA GTX 960 2GB DDR5 Graphics Card,
8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM,
1TB Hard Drive,

Ian Kovac says:

My cousin has a clocked Bulldozer, and it is a great computer it has been going for about 6 years now. I enjoy the 8350 because i am almost at his clocked performance (4 core 7.0 each) I still have the advantage of not being clocked and pretty close. Combine that with my 32GB of ram and it is light years faster than his bulldozer. I was actually astonished at how bad it did beat out that 4 core in all reality, i thought it was going to be “a little faster” but the reaction was “damn this thing is good.” i would recomend it to anybody. My build Asrock 990fx fatality gamer edition, amd 8350 black editon, G skill sniperseries 2133, saphire rx 480 graphics card(would get the next model up to better plugs kind weird) and a Corsair HX 750i modular power supply with thermaltake server case. It is a great budget build, and lets face it most games do not let you use all the cores anyways. AMD FOR LIFE

Hoàng Trần Minh says:

when you realize that it been 4 freakin years and amd hasn’t even released a new fx generation yet.

GRiMHOLD says:

I’m thinking of replacing this.
I got AMD-FX-8350 with AMD 280X TOXIC which is an absolute BEAST.
I get an average 25-30 FPS in massive battles in Planet-side 2 all settings Ultra. With shadows turned off because i hear thats what uses the CPU.
I’m not satisfied with that.
Is 25-30fps in Planet-side big battles good? or am i just being to greedy?
I want to upgrade because my oculus rift is coming soon and i don;t want any lag whatsoever because i get motion sickness inside of the rift.

UnrealLogic FTW says:

Does anybody know if the FX 8320 have onboard graphics if so how do you change it to run your dedicated graphics card sorry newbie lol

David Lustrup says:

can I run this cpu on a asus 970 pro aura motherboard with the 970 chipset?

Spider Mcgavenport says:

A AMD FX-8320 is a nice overclocking and underclocking cpu. I’ve been running it at 3.7ghz with 9.37volts off the 12volt rail, msi mobo and graphics cards with a dedicated physx card for the cuda cores! only 8 right now but soon 96 cores.


Hi guys, I recently got rid of my Xbox as it to boring. I have a laptop and played some pc games on it which I enjoyed lots, but laptop wasn’t good enough to play the latest games. I’m new to of gaming and don’t understand a lot about it. I just wanted to know what’s the best pc that supports normal pc work like doing college work and pc gaming. Is this the pc for me?

Potato says:

Guys pls help what is the best motherboard for amd fx 8350?
Btw what motherboard did he use in this video?

Joe Celcis says:

FX 8300 @ 3.6, 20 gigs of DDR 1600, EVGA GTX 980 ti, and SSD HD’s. May not be the fastest, but for 1080p anything FX CPU’s are awesome. I got my 980ti from Microcenter open box for $250 last week. Even if it bottlenecks, I would have been an idiot not to pick it up. Was an Intel guy for years with my old Core 2 Quad….but I am on team red now. My FX will last me at least five more years. Kudos AMD, from those of us on tight budgets. BTW, be sure to get after market CPU cooler if you intend to do ANY overclocking. Liquid cooler for anything over 4.2 Ghz to play it safe.

Mohamed Aden says:

Is this a good build

Fx 6300 cpu
8gb g skill ram
R9 280x 3gb gpu
Gigabyte ga-970a Mother board
650w corsair psu

Dr. Wayne Manzo says:

What we want is performance results vs those aliens at Intel. Do I want to buy an chip from the Martian jew Mafia thiefs from  Intel or A-Mad? Remember the jews that walked out of Bill Shockley in San Jose? Stole Bell Labs Litho technology and then 
started Intel and the rest is jewish history. If I or Linus has walked out of a company with all that technology we’d be shot to death! Yet, the eight jews walked and started their own technology stating that old Shockley was focusing on a switching chip for the phone system? Hah, a switching chip! When the Eight figured out that the same lithography technology could be used to design a complete programmable micro processor__then the Italian Fag-Lie had to come along and show them how.

How much is AMD stock really worth? About $50 to $100 a share but why is it selling so cheap? Becaue the Martian jew Mafia controls the stock prices and owns all the stocks and they want to buy AMD for peanuts! This is how the jews steal companies and pay very little. Who is the CEO at AMD? Any Gross Grove? No, some oriental cunt who will do whatever the jews tell her to do in order to get those stock prices down to $1 / share then the jews will buy the company for cents on the dollar!

Make me CEO at A Mad and I’ll kick major Martian jew ass back to SS Real and move the company to Murray Hill NJ across from Bell Labs! Hah!

Panda Monkey says:

how will this run comparing to an i5 650 OC with an AMD r9 280x ? , definitely going to fix the slight bottlenecking ?

izri1 says:

In wich box do you have the cpu?

Doc Funkinstein says:

so having a  8150 now, 8350 isnt worth the money to upgrade to, hope the next one is compatible with my mobo

Tomas Wilson says:

Im really enjoying my 8350 + 280x Build. And because i am playing on 1080p, i dont Even have FPS Problems 🙂
Intel u Suck, you high priced motherf***er
And Nvidia, my old friend… Your 770 is more expensive than a 280x, and it performa Lower. F U

AMD, You get the best for your money.

Fernando Hall says:

Should i buy this for the price?

redecko73 says:

Can any pros/ vets help me out….. Just got an FX 8350 and the mobo included was an Asrock 960GM-VGS3 FX, and I’m spooked about setup. Because I know the mobo isn’t supported, but from what I can actually find info wise the GS3 and the VGS3 are different?   Am I losing it or will it work?   Thinking it will probably burnout the mobo…   Any help would help. Thx, be safe.

L Weezy says:

i have an asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 motherboard with an fx 8350 but when i turn on my system i get the red cpu led light. what do i do because i used an older amd cpu and it boots up just fine.

TheGiftedKJ32090 says:

i never understood why it matters how many cores a cpu needs cause i dont  even know what it does for gaming

random guy says:

would this work with MSI 970 GAMING ATX AM3+ Motherboard?

Maxwell McCarthy says:

What I’d like to see is steamroller FX parts.

SL 9000 says:

Can somebody tell me if I can use asrock z97 killer motherboard with this chip???please!!!

TheShadowXK says:

More AMD reviews 😀

the one random guy 1 says:

running a 8350 in 2016

Papakap22 says:

i love my 8350, its like giving your computer a slice of Freedom and diabeetus  ‘Murica

9 REEN says:

Guys Iam using a 8350 with noctua sp 12 se 2 and i get 55c when i play advanced warefare, This is at 4,3Ghz, should I be worried ? ot what is the max temps.

Manny0044 says:

Is this a good build?

Processor: AMD FX-8320 8core black edition

RAM: Crucial Ballistix Spot 8gb

Storage: WD Blue 1TB

PowerSupply: CM V550 80 plus gold

GraphicCard: EVGA GeForce GTX 750 2gb FTW ACX cooling

Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro

I can’t decide on a motherboard I want one that supports AMD and is under $100.

Momiji says:

yay all new fx cores

shaun oneil says:

intel chipset and socket for a amd chip??? im guessing not lol. anybody even asking this question needs to go buy an advent and stay well away from any form of computer hardware. including usb sticks lol

MainDliquent says:

so this AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz 8-Core Processor can help me edit and rendering videos? or what you suggest?

ProximityHorizon says:

can I use this with a msi 970 motherboard

Steven Densmore says:

Is this still good or no? And if so what is it comparable to (i3 i5 i7)

dill papa says:

tehehe I have a AMD Athlon II X2 240 stock 2.8 clock and a sapphire r9 270 and I get 60 fps while playing thousands of sc2 WOL and hots matches.

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