AMD on RX Vega Performance & New Benchmarks | Ryzen Nets AMD Large CPU Market Share

AMD have spoken out on the performance of the RX Vega, and we also have yet more benchmarks for the GPU. On the CPU side, Ryzen has netted them a large market share from Intel. for more gaming news, reviews & tech – if you want to help us out! – Follow us on Facebook! – Paul’s Twitter

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Lionel Alanguilan says:

Just checked PassMark’s Intel vs AMD market share graph. IT’S REAL!!!

feelingtardy says:

if it can meet or beat a 1080 for a better price, that’s kind of a win though. i mean, how many people buy $700+ gpu’s (1080Ti,Titan)? catering to a larger market (1070,1080) makes sense if the price/performance is right.

mdd1963 says:

Two months ago….”GTX1080Ti Killer”….today: GTX1075

Kleptomaan1 says:

Maybe the release of Vega FE before RX Vega was a good thing? This allows AMD to identify bugs and issues with the card that they can fix before the official launch of RX Vega. I personally see Vega FE as “RX Vega Beta”. Let other people identify issues and bugs and you can focus on fixing it and not waste too much time to try and find them all yourself.

But i might be wrong tho.

Fzed 600 says:

I hope the Vega FE hate lowers the price of the rx vega.

Christian aster says:

that explain vega fe’s performance today pretty good

Michael Nager says:

Let’s compare and contrast shall we?

From the graph from Gamers Nexus we can see that the AMD Frontier FU Edition is at 68.69% of the EVGA GTX10880 Ti SC2 running at stock.

What this means is that RX Vega would have to have a performance gain of 45.58% to be on par with the 1080 Ti.

What are the chances of that? Pigs flying comes to mind.

There is just no way of polishing this turd for gamers.

dauxanh 64 says:

actually open the window from now on! the ambient noise make it better to listen

TheShorterboy says:

VEGA FE is a cheap workstation card and in those tasks it compares with an XP some tasks better some tasks slower it’s what they said it would be.

dave foulkes says:

why does everybody keep banging on about this vega frontier card that 99% of peeps wont own or care about ,just wait for the rx vega so much bullshit flying around

stephen allen says:

its not that hot

voinekku says:

Miners are definitely going to jump on RX Vega, unfortunately.

Not because they’d prefer the hash/price ratio of newer cards, but because RX500-series is sold out and completely unavailable due to high demand..

dauxanh 64 says:

amd eco system?!?!
free sync monitor and another amd card waiting to be crossfire

Marin Belec says:

Turned on captions for the video…
“Ladies and gentlemen my name’s Paul and *in there again for the confetti oh* we’re going to be tackling three new stories”

DR.NEGA says:

yes 10% vs intel 90% market seems like a large net..but its all deejay vu again from 2000 when AMD was 10% again while Intel still 90% and not flinching much to me….AMD fanboys i lhave question to you about history what does comes next ??? when Pentiums have ended by AMD but for Intel is new beginnig of lower clocks and less cores that developers are dying for than have too much cores and too much stuff they won’t used for by budget reason on developing…cheap cpu’s but do come cost on making the code for it…Intel is counting on it boys

Tamim Ibrahim says:

0:04 I finally hear it 8)

iamtheonewhoyoulove says:

im not hurting to bad with my current gpu so ill just wait for rx vega anyway. itll still be an upgrade

Nicholas Shaver says:

Wanna hear a joke?


BigHeadClan says:

Given the Vega Fe performance in Doom I think it’s safe to say the drives are no were near ready for gaming. the rx580 almost matches a 1070 with the Vega card just nudging them out.

We will likely see another 20-25% performance gain from drivers, no way a card that is at least 10% faster than the Fury X would loose/match a 1070 in Doom.

giantmonkey101 says:

you know you can cancel a pre-order right so who cares if you pre-order

Quico Gil says:

It’s not gonna get 40% more performance just with drivers, it might outperform the 1080 but RX Vega won’t hold a candle against the 1080 Ti. Remember, this FE is already 4096 stream processors at 1,6Ghz. Dissapointing.

chris G says:

In the Uk i pay 14p per kw which is around 18 cents, if i was to use a gtx 1080 at full load or 5 hours everyday at 310w it would cost me £6.51 or $8.40 a month. Say or example vega goes to around 380 watts that means we will be paying £1.68 extra a month or £2.19 which is nothing. We will gain that money back when we buy a freesync monitor over a gsync monitor and vega should be alot cheaper to buy. In all honestly i preer it this way as higher TDP usually deters miners from buying the cards because they need more than 1 PSU to run as many graphics cards as they would usually would.

Mason Chappell says:

I personally have a Ryzen 1400, Ryzen is a great value for money, Vega on the hand just seems quite disappointing though….

Mr11ESSE111 says:

for AMD ryzen cpu are more important then Vega because with Vega they will not take nothing on gpu market vs Nvidia even if Vega would be good and around 500$ while with Ryzen they take big junk of cpu market from Intel

Loki 76 says:

So what will be the excuse when RX Vega is launched at the end of this month and it is only 10% faster than a stock 1080, if that? Will it be ” Vega was just a beta for Navi and an interim card, wait for Vega”.

Patttiat patttiat2000 says:

let´s wait for the release, btw. is there a release date?
waiting for a year

Defeqel says:

I believe the issue is not culling, but data locality; because the card is trying to render the whole scene (or 1/4th) instead of just a small piece of it, it will have to fetch data more from VRAM than from cache.

madant1977 says:

You don’t have an AC unit? They are a little more expensive than a RX 580 😉

Jensen Huang says:

AMD Ryzen + Vega = the ultimate peasant setup for those who can’t afford the real thing

Radkon Psygami says:

I saw the gamer nexus review – I was hoping they would do more professional software benchmarks. . .but they only had a few. . . Vega FE getting buggy while running Blender was a disappointment – hopefully that is just a driver issue.

So far on the professional side it’s a mixed bag – hard to judge if this is good for professional use. Supposedly LinusTech ordered a Vega FE card and should have more benchmarks soon – hopefully they will test more professional software. As it is, though, without knowing more about its professional performance I’m not sure if I’d want to dish out 1000USD especially when many compositing/2D adobe software are optimized for CUDA Cores.

I would like to build a threadripper system in the near future (when threadripper becomes available) so for now I can wait and see if better benchmarks or driver fixes will be made available soon. . . worst that can happen is that I’ll get 1080Ti card instead of this one and save myself 300 dollars.

Simon Wong says:

The performance of Ryzen is amazing, but the quality of Ryzen’s motherboards is poor. According to RX470 RX480 and RX580, miners are ready for RX Vega with much more money. If the price of RX Vega is 599$, those miners can upgrade the price to 899$ or 999$ and AMD won’t care about it just like RX470 RX480 and RX580. The gamer should understand the GTX and Radeon don’t work for gaming anymore, they work for mining. In the future, more and more PC gamers will turn to console.

Scall123 says:

“1080 Thai” xD, it’s 1080 Tee Ai.

Kexin says:

No wonder Volta is not coming in 2017.

Adhi Suryana says:

Remember Linus Vega video in Doom demo? That card clocked 1200 MHz with Fury driver and faster than GTX 1080 side by side
Now Vega FE at 1600 MHz slower than GTX 1080 in Doom, clearly this card will never optimized for games, but doesn’t mean you should hope too much tho

MrDaChicken says:

Speaking of AMD market share.
First video I watched. while letting Steam download my games again on a fresh Win10 install, is on my new Ryzen build.. Woohoo 🙂
R5 1600x, Crosshair6 Hero, 16GB Gskill FlareX 3200 DDR4, 960 Evo NvMe 500Gb main drive. Thermaltake 360mm AIO. Phanteks Enthoo Pro case.
And it is goodness. Post and boot to UEFI on first button push, YAY!,
Bios update, 3200 mhz ram, check.
Over 2000 points higher score on Firestrike becnhmark ( demo version), than my FX8350.
With the exact same R290x card.
Now to wait ever so patiently for Vega goodness.

do minhtu says:

I personally think if RX Vega is now a little bit too late. Unless somehow it’s performance is equal to that of a GTX 1080 at a good price, RX Vega would probably not be as attractive as it is hyped to be. The 1070 and 1080 have been out for a very long time. If AMD cannot come up with something that can surpass them, it just shows that AMD can’t keep up with Nvidia, at least in this generation. Maybe the price to performance value can be much better, but everyone knows there will be a shortage anyway with the crypto currency mining business going on. So yeah, Vega can be a good choice, but not now, not anymore. ( This came from someone who owns a RX 480, R5 1600 and supports AMD all the way)

beachboy boobybuilder says:

Only yesterday, I read an article on wccftech regarding Raja Koduri twitter interview with Khalid Moammer. Wccftech posted the tweet chat and get this, RK said ‘Vega is using the new infinity fabric’. Very interesting for two reasons. Firstly, we know Ryzen was having RAM compatibility and overall performance issues due to IF, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Vega is having similar performance issues due to IF (although the Ryzen engineering team are working on a revised edition of Ryzen and IF).

Secondly, we know that Ryzen is basically a quad core, modular cpu and that extra quad core modules are added to give it a total of 8c, 12c, 14c and 16c. This is done by using IF, which links cores together so they can ‘talk’ to one another. Interestingly, it is recognised as a single 8c/16t cpu and not 2x quad core modules.

Anyhoo, the penny dropped. I bet my bottom dollar that upcoming Navi will have exactly the same ‘small, modular core design’ linked to one another by IF. In an interview with Ryan Shrout in June 2016, RK said he wants to get rid of crossfire (but he didn’t say what he would replace it with). I highly suspect Navi will come in single, dual, triple, even quad gpu cores on a single pcb linked together by Infinity Fabric so it will be recognised as a single (and not multiple) gpu, which will translate to incredibly high scaling (80%+ across all gpu modules), thus translating to kick ass performance.

I think Vega is a prototype version for upcoming Navi (to work out the kinks) and I also suspect we will see later in the year or early next year a dual gpu core Vega on a single pcb linked by IF, so it gets recognised as a single gpu.

Bill Killernic says:

I think that AMD didnt expect the 1080 ti to be that much better than the GTX 1080 while they were developing VEGA now they are in a difficult position because they implied a product that is going to be competitive with the flagship of nvidia in terms of performance.. and that would mean that they had silicon that either already was at the time or was promising to be (with architecture and driver tweaks) better than the GTX 1080 otherwise they just blandly over-hyped their product without any reasonable connection to reality…thus for me it would be a surprise if rx vega(or whatever their flagship card on gaming is going to be called) is NOT going to beat the GTX 1080 atleast marginally… but I dont know about the 1080 ti… I dont dismiss the possibility of it beating or competing the 1080 ti… I just find it to be unlikely considering the PR silence the delays for resealing or announcing anything related to gaming vega cards etc.

zerocool says:

Comparing Vega FE to Vega RX is like comparing i7 7700 to i9 7900 for gaming, the gaming optimised chip is faster for gaming!

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