AMD FX 9590 @ 5.1 Ghz in 2018…

Testing the BEST AMD system you could buy in 2016 pre Ryzen – This is the AMD FX 9590 Overclocked to 5.1 Ghz with an R9 Fury tested in a bunch of new games and VS a core i7 with the same GPU. Turns out it’s not actually that bad?!

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Parts in this episode:

Enermax 240mm AIO:

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Enermax 240mm AIO:
Vivo V08 Case On My Set:
Thermaltake View 31:
My Threadripper Mobo:
Ballistix Elite Ram Is AWESOME:

My Ryzen 7 CPU and Mobo
ASRock AB 350 Pro4:
Ryzen 1700
Ryzen 1700x

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Intro is Instrumental produced by Chuki, the best beats on youtube!

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Фёдр Михалыч says:


Clairton Michel says:

eu tenho um fx 8370e rodando a 4.65Ghz a 1,33V numa placa mãe chipset 970 asus m5 pelo CINEBENCH atinge 720 pontos muito bom vale a pena ainda principalmente em 4K ou 2.5K

USBEDR says:

220W are you F***** kidding me?

Steve Stewart says:

Hey man i just purchased a gigabyte ga 970 a ds3p. I picked it up for really cheap. What is the best parts i can put in this to do a little light gaming in 2019.. thanks in advance!

Xaralampos Maniada says:

the cinebench sees in fx 9590 4 cores and no 8 cores…this is not fair

Jason Larson says:

don’t those chips just catch fire and blow up?

Dawid David says:

I use 9370 at 4.7 with 980ti in 4k and is ok 🙂

Augustine Delgado says:

thumbs down for the stupid intel comparison. We get it, fx sucked. Ryzen is better because of it.

gobble says:

lol i run windows 7 with no updates

Shadow_992 says:

I think I‘ll get that processor
Much more cores and Ghz than my 6700


Tek Arts says:

I run 5.25bbs on mine and it does great

Victor Montt says:

GPU bottleneck ?

Davis Ivuskans says:

how i see it 9590 160 euros, i7 7740 320 euros.
you got 9959 1070 + 480 ssd or i7 7740 1060 no ssd( same pire) in my contry, so yeah i say i spend 160 euros in gpu and see ( 120 in better gpu and 45 for 480gb ssd)

Jean-Simon Chénard says:

The same guy who reviewed an A12 on single channel memory …

Dawid Dawid says:

FX 9590 is literally a fucking nuclear bomb without water cooling

Owen Lee says:

The i7 3770k was able archive that kinda score without overclocking. It was a bad time for amd

NeuroFit Supplements says:

1:53 subtle dub

TheZombieSurvivalist says:

I had an fx-8350 and r9 390x I had on liquid and oc’d the hell out of it and scored a 10110 in fire strike. Only a 600 point different from what you had

Scott Ash says:

2:18 My i5-8400 is better than that Lmao

Declan Vanderkley says:

Does anyone know if i paired one of these with 2 R9 280xs with 8gbs of ram would I be able to run star citizen?

love2rogue says:

i got my skylake i5 6600k to 4.4 was pretty impressed, dont remember exact temps but stable and they was low, great budget processor

Ансар says:

3:20 fx 8320


I currently got an Fx 6300 paird with 16 gb corsair vengence and a 1070ti.
How much more of an improvement would the 9590 be in my system?

Was geht sie das an? says:

The first thing I saw watching this video was an add with a grill. I guess YouTube got the theme going with these FX grills.

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