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We take a look at the AMD FX 8350, in this multithreading focused review.

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shamanahaboolist says:

Im running the 8320 and its pretty sweet. Single core is acceptable for all but the most intensive single threaded dx11 games and multi-thread it smashes happily.

Be warned tho. Start using all those cores and you will *need* water cooling. Its a hot chip.

Tyler Gale says:

good to see a nice honest review that isn’t flamebait.

BoogZ Peña says:

will this processor good for my AMD Radeon R7 260x?

noah lundqvist says:

hi:)) I have an i7 920 2.67 ghz, I was thinking of upgrading to the amd processor, I have an amd r9 390 gpu, any thoughts?? Thanks for help and advice :)))

gaijinblow says:

damn you guys are getting ripped off overseas. Not sure how much it is for you now, but I can find an fx 8320e for $90, or about 63 GBP

WarsunGames says:

Gonna Point this out
Notice how choppy it is?Yeah i got that running Intel`s 4770K.


I’m looking to upgrade my cpu, right now I have the Fx6300 (came with the pc) and want to upgrade to the 8350 (don’t have enough cash to get a new motherboard and an i7…I need it to run certain games like; DayZ, Arma 3, Squad…all those steam games GREAT..would you recommend this? right now my cpu struggles to keep up with DayZ(has a lot of fps drops and hiccups in fps) which is the game I play the most and make videos on.  Just need some more confidence in these before I purchase!

DesumetaruLiadz666 says:

Them Feels on that last music…i miss you dad

Sensei Chicken says:

Not very fair, the 8350 has a higher clock speed than the 4770k, a 4790k would have been a better part to compare with.

Ron Moes says:

So.. question. If one has a fx 8350 system at the moment like me combined with a gtx 680 do you think directx 12 is going to breath I’m new life for me? and if you where to upgrade how long could the fx 8350 still hold up with today’s standards e.g. maintain the 60fps issue in games. thanks in advance, great review!

Etheoma says:

Wow your a little late on this one aren’t you?

Dragon211 says:

Just can’t afford an i7. The FX 8350 is just way to tempting with that price.

alamrisa says:

I think the 8320E is a better choice. Cost less and gets that exact same benchmark results when overclocked to the same level as a 8350.

BWX says:

Been running an 8150 at 4.1ghz since Oct 2012 with a GTX 670 OC x2SLI and no reason to  upgrade at this point. Still running strong.

Ulises Reyes says:

Is amd fx 8350 and geforce gtx 970 a create combination for 1080p and 1440p at ultra? For games like battlefront, fallout 4, battlefield 4 and rainbow six siege.

George Bonis says:

damn man you talk about a lot of irrelevant shit…

Garry Perkins says:

5:26 — The 8350 is higher ??? Is this some Direct X 12 thing or mantle thing? I cannot believe that my CPU beats a 4770k.

Dizzy Duke says:

Funny this is a review on the fx8350, not an AMD vs Intel video. Yet intel users come running in to bash AMD and praise intel. Why bother watching an AMD specific video, if your preference is strictly intel? Both chips do what they do. So get over it. I’m here because I’m planning an upgrade from an fx4350 to an fx8350 simply because the fx8350 is relatively newer than fx4350. My system will thank me for it and so will my gtx970sc.

Jamesson Alves says:

Brasil : R$800,00

Dom 75432 says:

i got the fx 8350 and it runs well. with battlefield 1 and many more AAA games that i play. very happy with this cpu.

Lehel Hanko says:

the FX produced better results in most of the tests O.o
The i7 even looked laggy when it had higher than 60 fps wtf

Marsin Ka says:

You amd faboys gotta be fucking kidding me :D:D:D:D How can you say that AMD is better if i3-4170 beats 8350 hands down

beachboy boobybuilder says:

The FX8320 and above (all exactly same chip but with different clock speeds), still has some life left in it due to AMD’s forward thinking about placing more emphasis on multi-threading rather than single threaded performance. Whilst intel was only thinking about single threaded performance in 2011, AMD wanted to focus on multi-threaded performance. Yes, it was new waters for them and they screwed the pooch somewhat, but the FX8350 is still pretty good. I’m satisfied because I dual boot with a multi threaded kernel (ie – Linux) and my FX9590 performance shits all over W7 performance. Plus, I need a cpu that can handle my multi-threaded workloads. I had a 4790K and that thing was a pile of dog shit when placed under heavily multi-threaded tasks. It crashed more times than a cancer patient. In fact, my trusty FX9590 turned out to be a real work horse. It never gasped or crashed for my heavy video compiling, editing and rendering jobs. The FX9590 may not be the fastest but it was and is a reliable work horse as it steadily chomped through all tasks. After seeing the block diagram of Zen, it really seems to be the massive game changer that AMD desperately needs.

TL M says:

Did a 8320E along side rx 470 4gb build about a month ago. I’m impressed with the performance, in particular vulkan. If your going to do an AMD build I highly suggest being ready for vulkan and play games that support AMD vulkan, mantle. I’m on windows 8.1 because DX12 is not vulkan friendly or AMD friendly. DX12 and vulkan have some performance problems that need to be addressed. Microsoft games play better on DX12. Vulkan games play better on DX11. I’m not a fan DX12 obviously. But to each his own, so have fun gaming whatever software you use!

AlduinGaming says:

can it handle doom 4 or killing floor or tf2 pls answer

Cpt Phsm says:

160 € vs 350 €
sry but I have to say…AMD is the winner…looking at this results. 200€ more for 10 more Fps (average) in games? Sry but this isnt a fair trade Intel!

tr4n_ says:

AMD for life

JCG says:

How well can this run a heavily modded Skyrim?

LozzTheEpicLegend says:

is this a good processor for my geforce 960 (4gig memory version). will it bottleneck my GPU?

Static says:

Nice unbiased review. For some reason people seem to think all FX CPUs are useless and some people even think that they aren’t true Octo and hexa cores

lovestogame2012 says:

I got the fx8320e and its good all rounder was 95 pounds new

Rambito says:

Great video love this kind of review. : )

Rosen Dimitroff says:

Which year is the processor? Is it a good choice for video processing?

x TheRandyRandom says:

Hi I wondering if any one could help me. If I made a build based on this processor, would this processor be compatible and powerful enough to utilise the elgato hd 60. Which the minimum requirements are 2nd gen i5 Intel core. And 2nd generation i7 for the stream command? Not really bothered about live streaming though.

Hope someone could help


Jellybeantiger says:

I always go for the underdogs.My very first PC was an athlon.I might go back to the red side.R9 390x and this cpu for my next build.

Jon Asgaeroth says:


Jellybeantiger says:

I dearly love my old Emu 1212m sound card.It has a pci slot though.Can I find an amd mobo with two pci slots(one for the card and one to sit the daughter board) and will a pci sound card affect performance?

Márcio R. says:


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