AMD FX-8350 CPU Review
Nicolas11x12 reviewing and benchmarking the new AMD FX-8350 Vishera CPU.

Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices
Model: FD8350FRHKBOX

Full Specifications:

My Hardware Unboxing Channel:

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Andro says:

Will AMD Radeon R7 200 series work with this????

Κωνσταντινος Βενιανακης says:

AMD for the win very future proof especially if overclocked with a good cooler and motherboard cant wait for zen cpus

Jerry and Tori Thompson says:

He said “Ass Rock” haha. I’ve always pronounced it “A. S. Rock”.

Winston With A Y says:

Hi. Planning to build in the future and wondering if the ASRock 980DE3-U3S3 supports this cpu. Also, will a 420watt psu support this?

93bendzsi says:

This is my very first time I’ve ever bought an AMD cpu, even though it performs well and it is fast and all, however I’m quite disappointed with its noise(with cooler it is quite though), and its questionable heat. I feel like if I’m gonna use it way too often this thing is gonna burn down with everything. So I’m pretty sure this is the first and last time I’ve bought anything from AMD, I’m gonna go back for Intel in the future

iiTzWeeMan says:

would this cpu be better with a gtx 770

VPERFECTO1953 says:

Thank you.Just bought it my self one.

Boky Mitic says:

Would AMd FX- 8350 go well with Radeon R9 280X?

The Hanskela says:

I thought this video was made for me because im getting that motherboard and that processor 😀

stephen strassen says:

i need advise im using this fx8350 and i have a chinese deepcool dual fan system is this better or worse than stock fan? im getting on tick over 29c and on gaming while map renders i get around 59c to 61c and also im using an xfx 8gig graphics card and an asrock 970 pro3 board which im not really sure is good enough for this setup?i have loadsa fans to keep cool in an a hug case for air to circulate an xpredator, im running windows 10 which i like but i keep getting freezing either with an error or without, some error say it graphics related but i dont understand as i have latest graphics software, is it windows 10? its really frustrating as i can play all night no issues then play next day and hgalf way in to the game freeze, same game all same settings. really annoying and weird. am i using the wrong board maybe or is the cpu too powerfull for the board as it says is compatible with 8core fx. whats going on please advise.. id love to post a picture of the rig as really cool and cool to the eye. i also got a 1000watt power source as well forgot to mention that.and game played the most advanced warfare.and crysis 3 . graphics piss these no problem but in some maps glitch to start then settle umm .


Would the 8350 fx be a good pair with the 7850 2gb gpu?

mightyhylian says:

i got mine in a crappy cartoon box and the fan has no sticker <_<

Adam H says:

I currently have fx6300 + r9 270x

Would upgrading to the 8350 work fine?

jd gaming says: 

Far cry 4 with the updated patch and drivers. Still stutters but its way more playable. On a fx 8350 and 770Gtx 2GB of Vram.

Mgec says:

The stock cooler sucks! I don’t overclock the CPU, but I’m still afraid to play games because it goes over 60 C°. Maybe I place the heatsink bad? Will see. 

DaBw0i says:

how does it clock itself down? mine doesn’t..

TurnBox88 says:

lol’d at Super pi benchmark. seriously tho

Anonymous DOGE says:

Would this work well with a gtx 960

Thai Nguyen says:

how money

Fat Partridge says:

Why the fuck do you want a metal box with a hole in the side???

Put it in a cardboard box and lower the price!!!

Adam Spence says:

Is it just me or is the stock cooler like fucking unbearably load when playing a game.

stephen strassen says:

since then iv upgraded the CPU fan system a triple unit absolutely awesome fan and temp is now rite down under load. in game higher end graphics 8gig card the CPU runs around 30c Max. GPU around 40/45c max ..

Zombie Gaming says:

Stock cooler for this cpu is a joke. I upgraded to a cooler master hyper 412s works like a dream.

Sir Narwhalian says:

Guys… there’s 666 likes.

Niall Higgins says:

It’s actually 8mb shared cache, not 8mb L2 & 8mb L3.

Juhani Anttila says:

How Much Fps You Gonna Get In CsGo With Max Settings?

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