AMD FX 8120: 3.1GHz 8-Core CPU Review & Benchmarks – Worth Your Money?


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brad2000xp says:

Screw the AMD…..lets say “CORE PARKING” if you plan on loading windows 7! Better check into this if you plan on buying more then four cores in a processor chip. Also this chip always runs hot 24-7. You better get a water cooler or you can kiss that eight core GOODBYE!! I say get the i5!

malows1234 says:

a teacher of retards if this conversation is any indication.

Micah C. says:

Whats the name of the song 😛 when it was comparing specs

goaliedude32 says:

What’s the song at like 1:55

HBTechnoDude says:

Video rendering is sooooo fast

dmacco1 says:

This review is no longer relevant, I just bought the FX 8120 for $125, and guess what?, the i5 is still $219, so if you want to compare apples to apples, then compare it it with the i3-2320, which is a dual core & costs $125. At stock speeds the FX beats the i5 on the Pass Mark scores & blows the i3 out of the water. Would you rather pay $125 for a 2 core or an 8 core? ..
I o/c it on my Asus M5A97 board, using the Auto Tune on fast & it o/c to 3.9 Ghz. I have yet to try it on extreme.

Core rotten says:

The intel core i7 extreme 3970x is probably the most BEAST CPU in the world

volodenon says:

hahaha thanks for the laugh

SmilingDepression says:

a troll replying to a troll, thats a first

Mirza Mujkanovic says:

dude i saw the i5 and i7 in work they are so shit
AMD is better for everyone
and you dont know anything about computers if you think this

Cave Man says:

If you want the top of the line and you can afford it go i7 Extreme.. Nothing is going to compare right now.. If what you have isnt compatible it is time to upgrade bcause you are about to start falling behind..

Andrew Snowden says:

The temps seem to show the Intel is about to cook itself though….

Austin says:

you can overclock the FX 8120

Mirza Mujkanovic says:

no it cant!

maltatravel says:

my i7 950 beats this on performance test 7, this has a cpu score of 9000 @4.0GHz
my i7 950 running at 3.6GHz get cpu score of 9000 also

Ryan Baron86 says:

im a fucking teacher… take that

Adima Sund says:

I have placed an order for this CPU . I would use it for 3-4 years . This is paired with GTX 560 and 8 Gigs of RAM . Do you think this will be future proof ? or at least is this CPU future proof? Thanks

Brennan Wathke says:

Basic math dude.

Abdullah says:

you failed math sir

Iriane Washington says:

how much resolution dose AMD give?

stuntevie says:

not an 8-core…
it has 8 integer cores, but only 4 floating-point cores, so it’s more like a hybrid..

Mirza Mujkanovic says:

i’ve got an good cpu and it’s the AMD so fuck you ,fuck intel and fuck off motherfucker!!!!

Bob Loblaw says:

A person who goes to a medical school with such a immature behavior? Seems legit.

boomerangfreak says:

I think right now for +-160$ u can’t go wrong with this 1

malows1234 says:

OH your talking about CLOCK SPEED. yes in that case 3.1 is the same as 3.10, of course. lol i thought he was talking about a model number of some sorts. haha. oh well.

Mike says:

Hilarious! thanks for laugh buddy

Philip Andersson says:

Not sure if stupid or trolling.

JVIy Gishmoigen says:

AMD is ten times better for gaming. 🙂 plus i just plain dont like intel products too much. they always turn out bad for me.

MrPivotkid says:

Go back to school

notThePiper says:

Nice bias.

Ryan Baron86 says:

you are a fucking idiot

bipolar bastard says:

3.1 is equal to 3.10

GameSnippets_Jimmy says:

Heheh, never heard an American use the word wanker XD Anywho, AWESOME review!

fkjsidjueyr19477748 says:

is your “c” key broken? it’s spelled FUCK, not fuk. for someone who uses it so much, i would think you would know that.

WhenImGoneCa says:

8150 goes for 159 and the i5 2500k is 219

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