AMD Borrows Intel’s Business Plan – Ryzen 2 Review

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AMD made waves last year with Ryzen, but is second-generation Ryzen another giant leap forward, or just a refresh until Zen 2?

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Maurice H says:

i think the oven thing was fake the oven was not on

Chu win says:

2600x only 65w?

Unequal says:

0:25 – Taken a page from Intel’s book? More like Intel’s NUC amirite

iKingRPG says:

1:52 Linus Drop Tips

Chuck Martin says:

A direct comparison between the two business plans is not justified when what AMD wants is to capture more of the market that Intel has already got. To do that they needed to put out a chip that could win ground against Intel in performance. Now with the Ryzen 7 2700x they have that. Plus, they did that without having to move to another socket (which they are committed to for 4 years). Intel has been reconfiguring architecture and require new socket. So, apples and oranges.

realone5 real says:

this one bad guy shit poop intel junk suck junkingintel hire and bad guy poop bull shit lies lying lie to you the world

Jacob Michael says:

I make meth in the kitchen you whore

Lâm Phạm Tiến says:

I feel salty

MattacksRC says:

I know its just a test but no one needs to play Csgo at 350fps.. not even shroud man.

Trent F says:

How about test more games if you wanna know anything at all about improved gaming performance.

TheFeelsPolice says:

The way Linus handles components makes me cringe

Alessandrel says:

The intel’s 9th generation will be named SickLake

thevinhimself says:

I also keep computers in my kitchen cabinets

ShroudedWolf51 says:

You even said it yourself…I don’t understand how you’ve forgotten just a bit further in the video. 2nd gen isn’t coming until next year. This is just a refresh. Not the same thing.

Phillip Woody Shepherd says:

I know what is more than meets the eye- TRANSFORMERS>

iKingRPG says:

Why are you recording in your house lol

Lâm Phạm Tiến says:

Plsss intel pls fix your caching setup plzzzzz

박근우 says:

Supryzen lol

Vladimir Nikolic says:

I really like Linus, watching his YouTube channel every day and few days ago when I bought parts for my new rig I did exactly opposite of his reviews. For someone who needs good gaming/Photoshop setup he is too AMD-ey. And, in my case, he is wrong. But I stil like him very much.

Mark Lowe says:

What horseshit. What do expect any cpu producer to do. A new ground up every time? Of course they will tick tock in between majors. Nothing to see. Move on.

Ammar Ahmed says:

Ryzen Rising

ぬらりひよん鯉伴 says:

your puns are great

Cody Fisher says:

1:53 what sort of noise was that lol

Generic Jesus says:

my girlfriend doesn’t like ‘yeast jokes’…know I know why 🙂

khhnator says:

i swear at this point hes droping things on purpose

Sergey Pupko says:

What’s “find tuned?”

pnp072000 says:

When do you think the Zen 2 APU’s will release? I’m a college student and I’m just about about to build a Zen 2 APU build, preferably the 3400g if the nomenclature continues. I just want to be able to play GTA V in 1080p.

jjhei2xD banneD says:

Woah. I like the purpose of the cabinets and ovens. I wish i have those cabinets to lol

Sam Brown says:

who the hell actually uses the mentioned sponsors at the start of the video XD

Obelisk says:

I think I’ll be waiting for Zen2… Expecting much bang for the buck.

rory kik says:

my Ryzen 5 2600X hit 1446 in cinebench r15 and hits consistently above 1420 all the time

realone5 real says:

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Linus Tech Tips says:

CORRECTION: At 6:03 the table incorrectly shows the Ryzen 7 2700 as 8c/8t – This should read 8c/16t. Sorry!

… And at 1:18, the 2600X is supposed to be 95W rather than 65W

Cole Knowles says:

when your puns are so bad they make you cut and redesign the setting and flow of your video…..This is what we call, “trolling yourself”.

Maurice H says:

let luke do amd stuff in the future this cuntish biased view annoys me

12Burton24 says:

CS GO is heavy CPU sided….GPUs make no difference in cs go just better CPUs which means….the difference is shit…well im waiting for Zen2 and maybe i will leave intel after years XD

Kay N says:

Linus, stop with the dad jokes, it’s scaring the kids
But real talk, thanks for the insight as usual 🙂

realone5 real says:

this one bad guy shit poop intel junk suck junkingintel hire and bad guy poop bull shit lies lying lie to you the world

PES Live says:

Do not buy ryzen processor. I just bought ryzen 3 1300x (for the first time i buy an AMD product) after 2 days of usage processor just broken. i go to the store but they replace the processor after 1 week of usage processor died again. just do not buy AMD for low price product my intel i3 was way better thn this shit.

Bomber Harris says:

I got a 2600 because it was cheaper

Robbie Mai says:

Intel got to comfortable and didn’t respect AMD. It’s hard to be innovative when you’ve been number 1 in the market for so long. When you’ve always been consistently behind, you’ll always work harder and think of new ideas to try and surpass the No.1. AMD have done just that. The next few years will be very interesting, I wonder what intel is coming up with to rival against AMD’s 7nm next year.

nguyen cong says:


Everett Stenberg says:

“ahhhhhhh. its a yeast joke”

Ankit Sharma says:

_/,,/ yes! thanks man!

Diggydig02 says:

im going to upgrade to a r7 1700 because on pc part picker it’s for £169.99

Jacob Michael says:

Fuck you

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