AMD Athlon X4 845 – Best Budget Gaming CPU?

Here is our review for the AMD Athlon X4 845 CPU.

More info on the AMD x4 845:

More info on the AMD x4 860k:

Benchmark PC Specs:
Gigabyte AMD F2A88X-D3HP:

Gigabyte GTX 960 G1:

G.Skill 8GB DDR3 RAM:

EVGA 500 W1 80+ PSU:

UK Link:
AMD x4 845:

Canada link:
AMD x4 845:

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Haix says:

Would this bottleneck an RX 470?

Snowwie88 says:

If you have a videocard supporting uhd resolutions (up to 3840×2160 at 60fps via DP 1.2 or Hdmi 2.0) will this cpu be a bottleneck? Or will it just play 4K video’s without problems?

Tobias Newe says:

compact and good presentation..!

MaximumEfficiency says:

how do you measure temperature?

【RG】RedGuy says:

3.8 ghz? for that cheap? welp im changing my core now. my old core is only like 2 maybe 2.5 ghz so… bye

drAndros mstr says:

Who can tell me whether it makes sense to replace athlon x4 740 with x4 840 or x4 845? Will there be an increase in productivity in games?

PoolDrain says:

is this guy white

Chris Hansen says:

This thing fried my ASUS A68HM-K, please be careful with this processor

atvmaster1 says:

I have an ASRock n68c-s ucc motherboard with a dual core AMD Athlon II x2 255 processor 3.1 GHz and am looking to upgrade to a 4 core or 6 core cpu, what should I look for?

Spacedraptor says:

When you consider a 4 year old cpu i5 2500k out preforms this & are very cheap 2nd hand. i think this is very bad advice

G3 GAMER says:

μαλακα πεξε πεχνηδηα μυν σε γαμισω

Asen Stavrev says:

4200MHz with 5$ cooler xD

David Ramírez says:

Estoy pensando en comprar este procesador, el precio está entre un pentium g4400 y i3 6100 y el rendimiento que entrega es muy bueno, veo también que su consumo y temperaturas es bueno…. Gracias por el video

Pate Jelinek says:

Good idea to pair this with an rx 470?

StRat'S CS:GO says:

amd athlon x4 880k or 845?

SirOakTree says:

845 it is. thanks guy!

Kafferast NORMIEMEMES says:


UpscaleDesigns says:

Will this run gta 5 with a Gtx 750 ti… I think it will but I just wanna be sure… thx.

Jarod Roach says:

“…even though the 860k was pretty power efficient…”

…JESUS@ 223W!

nanquan491 says:

How come AMD can’t come up with CPUs which would compete with intel’s ones?

Does Intel have exclusive rights to alien-derived tech?

LA Hover says:

Thanks for the video!

Tim's Channel says:

1:20 Is it compatible with the Asus r7 250?

Daniel Zhang says:

Make sure your motherboard is overclockable though.

Jace Balavin says:

Is a GTX 780 overkill for this CPU?
It’s cheaper than a 970 second hand.

Mihin Karunaratne says:

should i wait for am4 or should i stick with this?
i am not really planning to upgrade and i’ve been waiting for 8 months but my dad hasn’t got the money.

Chad Bremer says:

Pretty sure the Pentium G3258 would be a better solution for most people.

Josh says:

I have this cpu with a r7 260x. Is it worth upgrading the gpu to something like a r9 380? What would be the best combo for the athlon x4 845?

Tristan pernelle says:

cpu amd x4 845
GPU GTX 1050
its good ? (for gaming)

BlueYT says:

I’m planing to build an budget gaming PC, I decided to choose GTX 1050 for my graphics, and wondering if this processor compatible with GTX 1050? Help plz ;-;

valentino alonso novillo says:

Will this be a good cpu for gtx 950 for playing battlefield 1?

Mohammed says:

doesn’t it overheat and fry itself?

G3 GAMER says:

γαμω την μανα σου πουστη!εγω θα παρτω καλητερω


is need additonal fan it is over heating

Julio Bido says:

Brother, I would like to buy and convine one of two CPUs AMD Athlon X4 845 or the A10 7800. Which one is better? Could you help with that?

Gytis321 S says:

best cpu for AM3 socket ?

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