AMD Athlon 200GE Review & 3.9GHz Overclocking | Budget Gaming CPU

We overclocked the AMD Athlon 200GE to 3.9GHz on the MSI B350 Tomahawk, then reviewed the CPU when in use with a discrete GPU.
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The AMD Athlon 200GE CPU is an “APU,” technically, in that it has an integrated, ultra low-end graphics solution on-die. Taking up die space means a weaker CPU component, but some additional versatility as a standalone part. This makes it a weaker R3 2200G, but similar in basic concept. What we wanted to know was if the AMD Athlon 200GE could replace the old G3258 or G4560 in market position: A cheap CPU for for pairing with a cheap dGPU, creating a combo below the R5 2400G in price, but above it in performance. The R3 2200G earned our Best Budget Gaming award a few weeks ago, and it still holds that, but a cheap CPU and dGPU combo would outperform the 2200G, in theory, it’s just that cheap CPUs haven’t really been good lately. The Pentium line is too expensive with the 14nm shortage, leaving us with the relatively new 200GE for review. In the process of working on the review, we learned that the 200GE overclocks with MSI boards and AGESA, something we explored in this benchmark.

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Editorial, Testing: Steve Burke
Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick


Karine Mallet says:

tldw; dont buy a 2c 4t cpu in 2018.

joczo97 says:

Imagine if another fail would enable the 200GE to unlock extra cores or something like back in the AM3 times 😀

Bandit Darville says:

Have you guys not tested the i3 8100? I’m curious how it holds up against the Sandy and -Ivy Bridge muscles from back in the day.

finnduino says:

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Michael S. says:

I’d keep that CPU stock and run a low power server on it.

RawLu says:

m/ AMD m/

Maxxarcade says:

If Adobe would optimize Premiere for Threadripper and Ryzen, Intel might lose a lot of market. That 2990WX is a beast in other rendering apps!

KshiTiZ guRiA says:

Is there TITAN RTX behind you… White coloured box .

kumbandit says:

So 7980XE takes half the time of the 200GE in those turns. Now compare the price 😀 😀 😀
EDIT: On Newegg 2000+ US vs 60-ish US
So for only 3200% more money, you can cut the wait time in half (price difference in cooling solution and motherboard not included), what a time to live in 😀

G Roberts says:

As AMD accurately says, “No Pentium, no problem!”

Toby M says:

This is one overpowered psu u got there 😀

Todd Simone says:

At 12:13 half the CPU’s in the list are missing

Richie Zombie says:

Once the charts come out I pretty much stop paying attention

boothegoo pc says:

3.9GHz – Now that’s progress.

Nick Bransford says:

Does this not allow you to overclock the integrated GPU? Or is it like the old Skylake non-K OC hack where it actually disables the iGPU?

gertjan van der meij says:

3:51 … Because the 200GE is Athlon , not Ryzen .

Milo Godeke says:

It takes 5 seconds of work to show that the box in the background is a Titan V. You guys couldn’t do that? We’ve had that box since the launch of the Titan V. It says “TITAN V” on it.

platinumjsi says:

Another RTX Titan

psp7677 says:

no more 7700k in the list?

brunocar says:

why the 570 and not the 560, a better budget card.

R K says:

Bascially do not buy a dual core anything in 2018 if gaming is going to be something you are into.

Kenneth James says:

With AMD striking Intel as hard as they are now…it’s inexcusable that the Pentiums are prices as high as they are…not when you can up in these parts get a Ryzen 2200G that’ll slap a Pentium around completely and now with the chance to send a 200GE into overclocking…well need I say more? Celeron-ish pricing with decent horsepower.

2Fast4Mellow says:

Because the Intel CPU was not tested with all titles, I just could not give this review a thumbs up. Sorry..

Todd Simone says:

In reference to 10:15 correct me if I’m wrong but if you turned the graphics up wouldn’t the framerate increase?

Edward Allen says:

But, what happens when it is under LN2? (/sarcasm).

TheJuggtron says:

These CPU’s remind me of when I first started building PC’s while being abjectly poor. You would start with only the Mobo, cpu and an old (and I mean OLD) video card and over the year get new parts when there was money available.

We’ve become so used to having so much money and computer prices so low that we forget what it was like.

kilosbxl says:

RIP pentium))) great cpu for HTPC!

Adrian Testa-Avila says:

I used to do 3d renders on my C2Q6600. took 2-3 days, on average.

bradleypariah says:

Your font in the thumbnail made 200GE look like it says 2 o o g e. I read it like “twooge” with a soft g.

Pouya says:

4:49 just nitpicking here but that’s technically incorrect as every die has it’s own unique layout, if I’m not mistaken.
it’s even more common for the L3 cache to be in the middle as it’s shared between cores

for example Haswell E has it’s L3 cache in the middle and cores on the side:

or Coffee Lake has it between the cores:

Michelle L says:

Has anyone got a 8700k from china? They are 150$ less , Wish someone would get it and send Gamers Nexus
it to test. real scam?

ivo215 says:

nVidia have announced their new Titan RTX. Let’s see how many reviewers are going to go bankrupt, it costs an obscene amount. The RTX Titan uses the same TU102 die as the RTX2080, only with more tensorcores unlocked, loads more GDDR6 and a wider bus.

proesterchen says:

I’m sorry, but that cache theory is complete bunk.

All Zen cores have identical cache hierarchies, meaning that each compute thread has access to identical caching latencies at least up through L2 (might include L3, but I haven’t checked if that does apply to all SKUs across the board) regardless of the total core count, and hence aggregated total L1+L2 cache size.

These latter reduced aggregated total lower-level cache sizes are only a function of core count, which is mostly orthogonal to per-thread performance.

ccricers says:

I’m glad you did this review for testing discrete GPUs. I own a 4560T (2.9 Ghz) and think this Athlon would be at least a decent switch back into AMD processors again. Because I agree 2C-4T processors by Intel are not worth their price point anymore.

Michelle L says:

OMG!!! AMD Athlon is still a thing , Am i the only one that thinks very old when hearing that name?

LtSheppard says:

Why no 8350k on the tests

Dubsys says:

would this at stock be powerful enough for something like 1080p transcoding for plex? currently have an i5 2500k + gtx760 box for it but sorta want to go to something that sucks a little less power and will give me a reason to buy a shiny new box

Doom2pro says:

I see the Great Wall PSU from the “Over Powered” PC torn down, are we going to see a Teardown review the likes of Johnny Guru?

gertjan van der meij says:

For people who want this MSI BIOS , it is this one : AGESA Code ( MS-7A34 )

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