AMD Athlon 200GE: A Real Review

Hello and Welcome or another Budget Builds Video where today we’ll be taking a look at the AMD Athlon 200GE, AMD’s newest Ryzen Based APU, which comes in at around £45/$55 it easily makes itself clear as a tempting budget variant, especially when you factor in the limited upgradability of the competing Intel G4560, aswell as the rising price of current Intel CPUs, but in a world of price-fixed RAM is this little APU worth it…? Well join us as we test the APU from everything from Fortnite to Freesync.


Simcity 3000 – Building
Sega GT 2002 – Options and Time Attack
Sega GT 2013 – Night Theme 1 (Future Mix)
Chrono Trigger OST

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Specs: CPU: AMD Athlon 200GE
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz
GPU: AMD R9 Fury / Vega 3


NinjaSpotted says:

At 13:10 PUBG really looks like running a bit off, like not full speed although the fps were that high

JoeAceJRTech says:

hello I was inspired by you to make a YouTube channel where I feature cheap computer hardware on my channel and refurbish it. how did you gain so many views and subs so fast? I am shy of 70 views and have 4 subscribers.

Pixelbyte says:

It seems like an ok cpu for an office build but here in canada you could buy a ryzen 3 2200g for about 50 extra dollars or so and it outperforms the 200GE so well. You did make a very good point about the ram prices, I really wish they would drop so I could build newer pcs more often.

FiveSquaredYT 25 says:

1 day ago!

Cortez Baldur says:

i dont get the whole dead socket thing. i still buy sandy bridge motherboards all the time and see no real reason to get anything better until games become far more demanding. the only reason i see a new socket as being worth it is if u want 120+ fps but if u just want 60fps sandy and ivy bridge are still good enough for most titles and are really cheap

Jezy says:

You failed to mention what you set the Dedicated Graphics to!? I’ve not seen any review yet to adjust this if it can be adjusted? But that said wasn’t mentioned.

CXYPRO says:

1:25 the box fell in the water?

We are from Serbia says:

please make an a rewiev of cheap used Xeon processors eg. : E5-2690

Doctor Cammy says:

Core+Thread count, clock speed and TDP wise it’s almost identical to an i3-2120

JohnSTF72 says:

Pretty decent performance for budget builds. But what kills the ‘budget’ side of things is the RAM prices like you said. Great review.

RokasMilann LP says:

I want the good old “7 pound PC” builds back pls

Dat Turtleboii says:

2200g is still a better deal, just because other compunents cost money. 300€ cheapo athlon setup or 350€ for a computer with double amount of cores? You know the answer.

Eddie Quist says:

You might as well buy a peasant toy if you are going for 30fps on low jebus that’s terrible

Bzorlan says:

Is there any point having integrated graphics if you already have a gpu?

Dayne Close says:

That Zenyatta should not have lived. Your Soldier was horrible. Also you should have shielded him.

charlie brownau says:

Please remove the MUSIC

Electro Squid says:

So, basically a mid range console?

Erlend Staavi says:

Love that you used simcity music!

EightMegsAndConstantlySwapping says:

I thought that Quake II ray tracing benchmark was just suffering from gif compression when you showed it to me, I didn’t think it really looked that bad 0_o
Reflections are beautiful though

J Fz says:

vega gpus are so weird, alone as in vega 56 and 64 were not what most expected, as part of a apu are incredibly good and power efficient, well, lets hope navi makes things better next year

chucko Brando says:

please use final fantasy 15 in your testing. Thank you!

Coles Towing says:

im a bit confused, near the end you say amd hd 770? did you mean gtx770 or maybe 7700 series?
(edit…it’s late, am i missing something obvious here?)

lRaziel1 says:

I found an Athlon 200GE in fooortnIIIITE……. *TUMM TU RU RUU

CaMiX says:

A real review should’ve tested video playback. I would like to see if it can handle 4k HDR 60fps video playback.

Timmy Joe PC Tech says:

WTF with the mismatched ram dude?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?

Tom Brown says:

Good review! Not really sure what this CPU is intended for besides multimedia use. Perhaps as a Home Theatre PC or maybe an Esports machine. But it can only seem to run games like CSGO and Overwatch not even BF1 or more demanding multiplayer games. I wonder if AMD will ever release a 6 core APU. That would be super cool and is probably the main thing holding an APU back. Well besides ram prices.

RUSKI SLAV 2.1 says:

I thought this was a CPU at first but nope im staying with fx i guess

Stein871 says:

too bad it’s not overclockable

Pc ColdWar says:

first place to mention he can o.c it looking forward on some content on that matter if can get near to i3 -6100 for it price may be a very appealing option since am4 plateform is very nice p.s what is your motherboard though ?

MurderMedia says:

the moment I saw that brush I closed my computer and left the room.

Adem Aljović says:

With integrated graphics? Damn that could play Minecraft on 90-120 but not many people play Minecraft anymore

TheBirdOrDie / JermyBird says:

Finally an actual review that includes more than just benchmarks

Baтц_26 says:

GPU side it’s a bit worse (about 15-20%) than R7 240 2GB GDDR3 model which i’m currently using.
CPU side it’s about 5-10% worse than the Pentium G4560 or G5400.
It’s still impressive for $55 APU though.

Dino Sabanovic says:

Good video. I bought R7 1700 for 200$ and 1 stick of 8 GB of ram, yes, 1 stick, lol. I will add 3 more to 32 GB later when ram goes down.

Beybladeat the gamer says:

Athlon Inside

Karol Jampolski says:

garbage, much worse cpu performance than even g5400, its more like celeron, only gpu is faster, but its still terrible

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