AMD A8-7600 Kaveri APU Review – HSA Arrives

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How big is Kaveri? We already know the die size of it, but what kind of impact will it have on the marketplace? Has AMD chosen the right path by focusing on power consumption and HSA? Starting out an article with three questions in a row is a questionable tactic for any writer, but these are the things that first come to mind when considering a product the likes of Kaveri. I am hoping we can answer a few of these questions by the end of this article, but alas it seems as though the market will have the final say as to how successful this new architecture is.

When I arrived home from CES last week, I found a box from AMD that I assumed would have all the necessary hardware to allow us to put together the same comprehensive review for our readers that we are used to. Instead, inside the box was a completely system built around the AMD A8-7600 APU which is the lowest end Kaveri part being announced today for the desktop. This APU includes 10 compute units (4 CPU and 6 GPU) with a maximum clock rate of 3.3 GHz (Boost to 3.8) in its 65 watt option and 3.1 GHz (Boost to 3.3) for its 45 watt setting.


MVrockersPS3 says:

Mantle could help a lot but as this is Advanced Micro Delays it may take a while to see.

Vik Tik says:

When applications that use HSA comes out, we will get true benefits of AMD kaveri.

Steve H says:

Today I got a 7850k for 130 on sale.

Yoshi says:

Hi.. who is better cpu for the batelfield 4 ( help plz)

Bobby Chakraborty says:

A8 is not a lower end, its a mid-range. A4 and A6 is enrty or lower end.

bruised lee says:

any chance on reviewing dual graphics aka crossfire on this? what’s the highest grade graphics card that you can pair with it (or a kaveri 7850k)? really interested with this.. thanks pcper, nice video as always!

dominicsmusicalmusic says:

Add more l2 cache and l3 cache, hyper threading, lower power consumption, and r9 graphics with an under 200 dollar price and I would get an APU

Vlad Greene says:

just got mine for $85. great deal.

Hip-House Production says:

is it good for Video editing, Recording and gaming sir??

TuffMagician says:


The Omnipresent Arceus says:

Up against each other I’ve noticed the a8 7600, is better performing than my i5 3300.

TheBaxter96 says:

comparing to i3 is wrong. intel does not compete with APUs. they do it for mobile ,like always.
Amd apus are wrong implemented. i want to see something compact with no gpu slot and no ram slot. something similar to what they did with PS4. shared fast ram memory. couse this uses PC`s DDR3. this APU thing is bad for desktop and i hate that they are marketed for games. bad ideea

RadioFlyer05 says:

Im watching this on a AMD A8-7600

Papa says:


Edric Valentine says:

Is this dual core?


Sorry but is this AMD A8-7600 already out for sale? I can’t find it anywhere…

Kamal9Deuce says:

I don’t know why AMD keeps disregarding L3 cache in their APUs.

Joel Laurel says:

hello can i use a8 7600 plus r7 240 ? i know its an apu. i wanna know if the two graphics card will sync as one?

Superbmemes Gaming says:

is there a fm1 apu that is ok for gaming ?

The Videocard Hunter says:

A8 7600 is not really a true quadcore processor, its a dual core with 4 threads. try using Cinebench 11.5 and see for yourselves. totally disappointed with this processor. this is part of AMD’s cheap tricks!

MrMano54 says:

Who needs Intel or AMD GPU when u can have navida

death taco says:

at 5:18 did any one els see that one frame flash

Ismael Rodriguez says:

will the A8 7600 be good enough for simple 4k editing?

Jasmin Hrvatović says:

What do you think what GPU to use for this CPU and don’t get bottleneckd?  (gtx 750 ti, r7 360, r7 370) or something else?

Steve H says:

Today I got a 7850k for 130 on sale.

SuperQazwsx21 says:

hey hey … i need help with how this AMD and giggle it then twist it …so … wait for it …. wait ….. hang on *ass hole turning chair* ….. you suck!

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