AMD A10-7890K 1080p Gameplay Benchmarks and Review

Ever since AMD released there first ever line of APU’s I have been a huge fan, so in this video I thought I would benchmark the flagship, the A10 7890K to see how it performs in a few games, as well as giving my overall opinion on the APU.

Full system specs:
AMD A10 7890K 4.3GHz Quad Core Processor
Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-HD2 Socket FM2+ Motherboard
8GB DDR3 2133MHz Ram
1TB Western Digital HDD
On board Radeon R7 Graphics
450w CIT PSU
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Games tested:
Bioshock Infinite
Fallout 4
Grand Theft Auto 5

Thank you for watching 🙂


Danny Smith says:

+RandomGaminginHD you want to take advantage of high-speed Ram when using an APU what speed Ram were you using during his test I know it was 11 months ago but do you remember

Reda Heinze says:

I went to buy the 7890k but I think I will take the fx 8350 !! Or tell me what to do :/

SuperDuperSeb says:

What GPU was this tested in?

Sean Eredia says:

Pls dont buy apus guys, A10 7890k is about 150$ rn and can barely play at 1080p, G4560/G4400 60$ plus 750ti 90$ = 150$ will perform alot better. Why do apus even exist smh…

ImNotCool says:

Dual Graphic

Habib Huseynov says:

Man Show Us RIG! no bullshit!

robinson andres Torres says:

amigo buenas tardes compre uno de esos pero en la memoria dedicada de video me muestra 512mb ddr3 , como haces para que aparesca 1024 mb

jamie 711711 says:

I am really intrigued and fascinated by the idea of an APU, one chip that is a gpu plus a cpu, I truly believed that it’s the future, but I am just frustrated by AMD’s line up of APUs, they just aren’t competitive, check out this testing conducted by gamer nexus the cpu part is worse than an i3 4160 and the gpu part is just not powerful enough, yes I know that it’s the a10-7870k that he is testing, but the 7890k isn’t that much better than the 7870k, I really want to like these APU, but they are just a disappointment.

Xander Michels says:

Do you need a graphics card with a APU? Also what is the best apu for gaming, is this it?

siddhant sodekar says:



Great video man, glad you are doing better in life… Life sucks sometimes, but it will always get better mate, one just have to hang in there 🙂 🙂 🙂
Btw. My A10 7890K with 2 x 8GB 2400mhz and 1TB FireCude Hybrid + Win 10 Home 64bit runs great in 1080p, i just tweak the settings a little, but it can run with high textures, but eye-candy i turn off always. I just want good graphic to look at…. Have you tried 2400mhz ram clock and maybe dual channel, maybe that will give you a little extra fps???

tolgahk84 says:

How would gaming be on the A10-7890K with a dedicated R9 280x Toxic OC Edition?

blair simpson says:

is this with a graphics card or CPU on its very own ?

Warren Thomas says:

Ive got a shitty amd a 8 6600k it struggles on online games all the time. it it worth upgrading to the amd a 10 7890k?

Metal Muxxer says:

I was thinking on getting one of these APUs but I started to make research and got informed, so I went with a G4400 and a GTX 1050, thanks to your channel most than nothing.

prithvi roy says:

which ram did you choose

Sanu Saha says:

I m having F2A68HM-SI motherboard it will support this cpu

Braindead says:

Apus are amazing in my opinion

Sanu Saha says:

don’t buy this CPU go for amd a10 7870k and u can lost of money

fweeby says:

AMD obviously does not make the best CPUs but their integrated graphics perform pretty well for integrated graphics and they’re very good if you’re on a budget.

Jesse Keller says:

Can you test the a10 apu with r6 graphics? I have it

QuelloDelTubo says:

I have an Intel Pentium g4600 , aa Asus strix GTX 950 OC , 8 GB ram ddr4 2133Mhz and games run MUCH better. Bioshock infinite all maxed 1366×768 reached 400 fps in the starting tower . With GTA5 with medium-high settings in 1366×768 rarely under 60 fps. I thing for 130€ you can have MUCH better performance.
I suggest 6 6 you to 900′ series GPU’S if you’re going to a budget build ,like me. I got a 950 for 80€ and it’s working very well.

volkswagenginetta says:

its a cool concept, but the trouble is everything that cost 150+ has to compare itself to a pentium g4560+ an rx 460. with this apu being 150 on newegg it doesnt come close to the performance of those 2 parts.

Joe Bennett says:

what would your FPS be if you disabled your onboard graphics and added a GTX 750 ti?, with the CPU being clocked at 4ghz, your FPS should go up bigtime right?

Nirmo says:

can this apu run bf1 on low 40 fps

FiFa CoStY Gaming says:

Or do 1050p

SERGE says:

awesome channel man never seen it before!

Psifour says:

You list 8GB of ram, but don’t mention if that is single or dual-channel. That impacts the performance of AMD APUs to a large degree so it would be good to include.

For anyone looking to build a rig on the A10 line of CPUs it is in your best interest to overclock the graphics cores (the included cooler can handle a decent increase in frequency before you would need a ‘beefier’ cooler). Overclock ram (the GPU cores in the APU utilize system ram so anything that increases their effective speed is beneficial). Eventually get an R7 as the performance increase from hybrid SLI will make it more cost-efficient than other (comparably priced) cards.

Nathan Wilson says:

I love your channel, but that intro though

Derp Hole says:

would it be much beter to get a x4 860k and rx 460?

ccricers says:

Pairing this up with a FreeSync monitor, the experience will probably be more smooth.

Tom Summers says:

Can I put a graphic card in this cpu .. or not please tell me

The18BitKid says:

wait. What if you would pair this with like a 750 TI. Theoretically you could play 1080P ultra right?

joemygod1960 says:

DDR3 2400 running in Dual Channel mode will boost the FPS considerably. I have an A10-5800k and going from 2x4GB DDR3 1600 to 2x4GB DDR3 2400 gave me roughly 20% more FPS in all games I was playing at the time which was nice. Most everything ran at 900p with medium settings pretty well, at least 30FPS on average which was OK for me.

Sounds like a decent value for the price to me.

Kola2 says:

This is onboard graphics?! Holy shit.

TsunaXZ says:

What’s the name of the intro song?

Sanu Saha says:

should I buy this processor for gaming please tell me

Gordone Uomolibero says:

Well, I’m pretty disappointed. I did expect lot better performances from an APU that has 12 cores (8 CPU+4 GPU) operating at 4.3 GHz, expecially when consoles perform better in games having just 8 cores at clock speed of 1.75 Ghz at best. Perhaps it’s just because PC games or ports are meant to be played in a classic CPU+GPU configuration.

Kryplus says:

Pretty shit

ShironTHPS says:

This APU is really impressive!

Fattest Royal says:

I wonder how TF2 did

Simon Riley says:

please do video about dual-graphic a10 7890k + r7 250

The Chaos says:

apu chips are a joke. Get a mid/high end cpu and a high end GPU for your money.

Manuel Mütze says:

are you also jackfrags? because you sound like him!

Dave Workman says:

Thanks mate

I love clorox bleach says:

still better than intel hd graphics

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