AMD 8-Core FX CPU Craziness: FX 8370 & FX 8370e

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RawLu says:

Yes I want the very best Performance But! I also want it delivered as Efficiently as possible 😉

Javon Jackson says:

Hi, can someone give me some advice? I plan to buy the AMD FX-8350 (maybe 8370) and I will have 16GB DDR3 ram with MSI R9 380 GPU. Will there be any bottlenecking? I just wanna be sure. I’m mainly gonna game (maybe stream). There’s no need for me to play games at 1440p ultra settings etc. like most gamers.

Kostadin Timov says:

is that cpu s from amd fx 8*** series are good i mean for real ?

Raidenway says:

After rediscovering AMD, i analysed everything AMD are doing and checked their product, to my astonishment and discovery i’m sorry to say this but Intel and Nvidia are finished because they have been playing us for profit.

rafay asad says:

how good is the 8370 for editing ?

Ray Lee Yit Lun says:

Da fuck … the chip is made in Malaysia … Mind blown

videoradeon says:

they are very similar with fx 6300….almost same shit.

Zachery Talbett says:

i have an fx 8370 and a gtx 780 in my pc and i just got the cpu yesterday and when gaming task manager shows my cpu drop my 70 or 80% to the 40% mark or lower and my framerate struggles to stay above 30 fps can someone help

Candra Dp says:

“1000 watt”

chechar3dg says:

“””8 core”””

Fetzher says:

amd fx 8300 or a new motherboard and a i3 6100? at this moment I still have my fx 6100 :-/

Synthematix says:

so my 5 year old 5970 dual gpu 2gb card is faster then

eddie castro says:


Patrick W says:

Those cpu’s are shit

kght222 says:

how about a followup on this video telling how this was entirely pointless.

DD DE says:

Why doesn’t AMD Drop their 220 Watt processors? It’s giving them a bad name. I’m more concerned about heat then power consumption. If given the option I would never buy a processor over 130 watts.

TheRoshan89 says:

this video has to be a joke….amd processors don’t even come CLOSE to intel processors, even back in 2014 :/

Relf Morris says:

aaa what about amd laptop are good there about %A529 is there any thing coming out

Joshgts says:

Increasing single core performance and frequency is the best way to overclock. Do this by using more bus speed than multiplier.

Yves FOLLET says:

Got a 8370 after a Q6600@3.2 and it’s a CRAZY CPU!! Really love it!

Austin Carlson says:

Will this CPU work with my motherboard? I have a MSI MS-7641

Ryan F says:

Like the shirt

Amet Monegro says:

v-sync sometimes? GPU bottlenecked others -_-

The Highender says:

amd is fucked. so lets get ready for those amd builders and designers to get shot down for all the trouble the caused over years to me and many other amd system users all over the world. shut the jad up and change your job fuckers.. thanks. I got an amd fx 9590 at 4.8 ghz and nothing works. even if I clock it at the standard of 4.7 ghz without tuning and oc mods of the mb I got nothing but complications and its not my temps. my maximum cpu temps at rendering videos are at a intuitive max of about 70 – 74 degrees. a cpu can handle that for brief intervals. furthermore its the only kind of an application when my prcressor reaches such temps. and during the process of rendering movies which last a couple hours the nvidia cuda mixup performance eases the cpu temps to about 58 – 60 degrees spontaneously. my normal cpu temps lay between 25 – 40 degrees. my mb temps never get above 33 degrees, mostly they lay at about 21 – 27 degrees. all the other temps of my components are cool and my graphics devices reach a peak of about 61 degrees which is also possible to handle. but like I said nothing but fuck ups. my rams dont get used to the speeds of 2133 mhz (although I bought them with that kind of a speed and my mb “supports!!” speeds up to 2400 mhz. my sli mode of my two graphics cards doesnt work at full load. I dont know. amd go fuck you up and hello intel.

greenti 44 says:

are the FX 8370 & FX 8370e different hardware or could i buy a FX 8370E and overclock it and give it more power and it would be a FX 8370 ? cause i can buy the E-version for a better price and want to overclock it anyway

Grizzly PC says:

I have the 8370 and now that I have learned more I really wish I spent the extra 50$ for an i5 6600k. When people talk about savings I have no idea how they think the 8370 is the best bang for buck when for 50$ more with the 6600k you get NO GPU Bottleneck.

Raidenway says:

Amd cpu perform better with game A.I than intel, intel hyper threading scramble enemy A.I. Therefore intel cpu are not for gaming but only for video editing and 3 3D modeling.

1967 kID says:

It’s funny when I started building pc in 1996 I used intel and 3dfx I use to hate amd but as I started to get knowledge amd all the was intel nvidia Microsoft are a monopoly

PrnvGaming says:

Suggested memory ddr3.. Can we use ddr4???

Sir Apollo says:

Im watching this 2 years later………………………wow!


Guys, can some1 help me choose a processor, should i buy a stock i7 which may cost more, or can i get the same gaming performance from an overclocked fx-8370…i will also need streaming and editing performance…i just wana be sure there wont be any ‘bottleneck’ issues

juan cuevas says:

I have an 8350 with nvidia 970. Working great for me, Games look great and fast. Just added water cooling to processor, using after market cooler before but never had problems with 8350.

Mr Hyde says:

That desk is a mess

Dream Factory says:

Need help! Am I able to edit 4K using AMD 8370? If so, what’s a decent gig spec? Thanks!

Kay Wrobel says:

What this video actually tells me as an existing FX-8320 owner is that my CPU still handles quite well and Overclocking results don’t really impact gaming performance in most games. I was a bit on the down side when I found out I didn’t have the right motherboard to get my chip stable anywhere past 4GHz (which is really essentially the 8320’s boost speed). I can get it to 4.4GHz but with thermal throttling kicking in from the poor VRMs on my board, but anything past that, Windows won’t boot or other funky things happen. Anyway, a 400MHz increase is nice to have, but I cannot tangibly say that the chip runs “better” in games, or at least the games I have, which are not very CPU intensive to begin with. So, in conclusion, I guess I’m sticking with my 8320 for the time being. Maybe save up for a 1070 instead.

Gustavo Peralta says:

is asrock a good motherboard producer?

Jerzyslugga says:

How good was the 8370

Radical Vision says:

FX8300 is better then all other FX vishera chips, is only 120$, is unlocked, and it can be low powered cpu at 3GHz, or to be high performance at 4.5GHz…

1967 kID says:

fx 8350 4.0 oc 4.7 on air I’m a happy camper

Jason King says:

I hope that’s not your spare toupee in the bottom left of the video….

Tpecep says:

why with 280x?((( if thats be something better , we really will see difference , but in this case we cant

Smores On Ice says:

would a gtx 980 ti be bottle necked or limited in any way if so would a bit of over clocking fix it?

Martijn van Zanen says:

Happy user of the fx8320E, 8350 and my first fx the 6350. All are just great for its price.
I also got a i7 2600k and a q9650 of intel But yeah. Happy AMD user and happy intel user still.
(Also get the old phernom 2 955 and the really old 1.4 ghz thunderbird with a geforce 4 TI )

Raidenway says:

Hi, as i remember in the past amd has always been designed for gaming in mind. so glad i switch back to amd. i missed the good gaming experience i used to have with amd cpu. oh my god we have been fooled by intel so much that we lost the real meaning gaming experience. i have a favour to ask can you test how intel cpu instruct A.I compared to Amd, pease. i want you people to see how amd instruct enemy A.I.

mrfiux says:

I dig the fact that you keep your Passport in the same place I do.

Kane Smith says:

FX-9590 Demon Race

Dream Factory says:

What is a good setup for 4K editing with an AMD CPU, please advise? Thanks!

Energetics tests says:

Once you go 8 core, you never want to go back. Can’t wait for zen.

Pruthvi Sujeeth says:

Is FX 8370 still better to buy?

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