9900K Review & Benchmarks vs 2700X and 8700K!

9900K Review & Benchmarks vs 2700X and 8700K!
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Intel Core i7-8700K 6-core CPU – https://amzn.to/2q0T2hR
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor with Wraith Prism LED Cooler – https://amzn.to/2Cs1s9h
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Miyu Iona says:

AMD got beaten by Intel again in gaming…. how disappointing. When will AMD get better in gaming? I still think i7 is the best choice for gaming.

Tech Alive says:

The state of “PC gaming” and hardware at this point is bragging rights so pay up and shut up! LOL! ps: i have 5 more frames then you i am king.paid 1200€ for a graphics card and 600 for a cpu with two extra cores haha i am the best, Praise be Intel and Nvidia the milk train is awesome. May the force be with you all fine and nice folks.

Kavya says:

Reviews are very biased. They believe that 99.9% of gamers ONLY play PC games… Truth is, 80% of PC Gamers also “Emulate” consoles. All I see on gaming forums around the net.. and youtube vids… and literally any input I come across, people want to emulate. It’s everywhere. So which chip do you go with?

PC Gaming only = Celeron G3 is considered overkill for even AAA gaming
PC Gaming + some applications (any ryzen)
PC Gaming + Streaming and applications at the same time (youtube in the background) 8700k.
PC Gaming/Streaming, Emulation, Video editing etc… 9th Gen chips.

If you go with ANY of these solutions, don’t buy them until next year if you are able to hold out. Wait for prices to drop. The 8700k should be a nice $250 and still quite a great deal faster than the 9600k. 9900k should also read a nice $470 or lower.

mjc0961 says:

See, I’d buy the 8700k for $65 more

But 9900k for hundreds of dollars more? GTFO, Intel

(That said, if I wanted a 2700X or 8700k, I’d have one already. Let’s see how the 3700X does next year.)

Fox Mamba says:

Thanks Paul solid review.

Neptun776 says:

What about Spectre/ Meltdown ??

Dmitry says:

#1 Price on Amazon = Newegg #2 Realistic TDP not 95w #3 2700X have decent box cooler, that cost around 30-40$.

nimetön says:

im happy with my 8700k clocked at 4.7ghz

Graham Pinkston says:

I feel like I might be the only PC builder that hates the RGB trend. I DON’T NEED LIGHTS INSIDE A BOX I ALMOST NEVER LOOK INSIDE!!!

PCS Entertainment says:

are these tests done after all the security patches are in? lol (patches slow down the chips)

Mark says:

So today i am going to local micro and they have both 9700k & 8700k in stock .. is the performance of 9700k much better than 8700k to justify its price difference ?

jordanreeves says:

so just buy a threadripper instead of a 9900k if your gonna spend $530 on a chip 😛

Garin inderdeo says:

Paul what was the thermal differences??

Jens Jensen says:

waiting for the 2800x thank you..

himynameistim says:

Paul I think you should wear nerdier clothes. Like really over the top nerdy.

Also, that 2700x is such a great processor. Really quite impressive for the price.

maghi cat says:

I am hearing much higher temps with the 9900k. Paul can you address that?

J C A says:

How much do you think I can sell a delidded, 3-ish month used (no extreme workloads) 8700k for?

Clone 1453 says:

i9 FX9900k 😀 😀 😀 LUL this is not WORTH no way … the Tempratur is bullsh!t 😀

Phillip Habsburg says:

35fps difference in tomb raider?
Damn AMD dropped the ball hard.

Hurlamania says:

You also forgot to mention the 2700 X comes with a cooler and not just any cooler The Wraith prism, and the Intel processor doesn’t so you’re looking at another hundred bucks or so on the Intel side

John Batchler says:

If I buy the Intel i9 9900k I do reverse engineering on it

Sergio Rivera says:

I would get Ryzen 2700X + nVidia 2070 instead of i9 + 1070 for about the same price … correct me if I am wrong

Neutral Zone says:

Just go for Ryzen

Lee Vang says:

God damn that 9900k is a beast!!

Phillip Habsburg says:

The 8700k makes the most sense of all three in reality.

Doomfearkeeper says:

Meh I’ll just stick with my 8700K..(For now anyways)

Dennis Feit says:

It always seems strange that when you quote prices you don’t include Micro Center, which is usually the lowest in the US. For instance the 2700X is $280 today and has been for a couple weeks or so.

Skydogg5555 says:

very odd to me that there aren’t any thermals being tested considering this CPU is soldered.

Gaber Ravhekar says:

That 95 watt TDP is bullshit!

Mohamed Osama says:

Did u hear 8 core 11 thread or am I tripping yo

Ziyang Wang says:

Intel best L

Lord Ba'al says:

Do a price to price compassion. Like what can you get on the Ryzen for the same price, then do benchmarks on that.

Nano Synthetic says:

With salary 600 euro per month buying such “best CPU for gamers” is madness.
Fuck You INTEL! Fuck You AMD!

Andy Lucero says:

Just built my first pc over the weekend and im in love. Evolv x case filled with an asus crosshair vii paired with a 2700x thats cooled by a noctua nh-d15, 32gigs of flare x 3200 as well as other goodies that’ll make this comment longer lol

Skryre1080 says:

I was completely sold on the 9900K before the price and supply issues :/ now I’m seriously considering a 2700X. Which makes me feel a little bit bad about waiting EIGHT YEARS to upgrade my PC since I waited on RTX… and got 1080Ti, and now i waited on the 9900K to get something else.

Nino Mujkic says:

Will these new intel processors be compatible with the old Z370 boards?

User30918 says:

I want to play at 9900k @240Fps (Benq XL2540 240hz). My 7700k runs at 80-100%.

George Calistru says:

Wow ! This new Intel i9 9900K is real power. Good job, Intel.

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